Autumn Leaves

I’ve have a bit of a thing about autumnal shades of burnt orange, brown and maroon. My style is inadvertently influenced by the changing seasons and my clothes reflect my surroundings. I don’t do it on purpose, but I find myself dressing in sync with trees on my street. This skirt is really old, I bought it from Whistles years ago (similar here). This turtleneck is a new purchase from Zara and the colours of the skirt and top are a close match – which I’m rather pleased about. The shoes are also very old – I bought them in the january sales in Topshop a long time ago (similar here). This jacket is from ASOS. My lipstick is by Lipstick Queen, in shade Entourage.


I’m enjoying the geeky, pseudo-frumpy vibe that’s knocking around right now. Pussy bows, chunky shoes, bobble hats and vintage inspired coats are the cornerstones of this look. It can be created with second hand finds and old bits and bobs that might be lurking in your closet. I bought this ASOS dress years ago and this season has given it a new lease of life. I’ve paired it with my favourite Joanne Stoker boots and a vintage belt.

Before the Fall

  It appears summer in London has come to an abrupt end. In an effort to maintain a sunny disposition, I’m welcoming the new season early. I used to hate gilets with a passion, synonymous as they were with dreaded Ugg boots and jeggings. I’ve recently become fond of a good gilet and they’re particularly handy for the tricky trans-seasonal period, I found this guy in a sale. I’m enjoying maroon, aubergine and chocolate brown at the moment – my obsession with the 70s is still rumbling on. The long boho dress is an easy wardrobe update; this one by Abercrombie and Fitch ticks a lot of new season boxes and it sold out on ASOS within a day. It’s still available on the A&F website. I’ve styled it with a vintage belt and boots from Inga.  

Colour Codes

I’ve always had a soft spot for loud prints and they’re even better when mixed with contrasting colours and textures. The key is to insure the shades are in the same family –  I like to wear this dress from ASOS with the Ruby and Ed gilet. The matching pale grey colour draws both pieces together. When the weather cools I’ll layer a leather jacket under the fluffy beauty.

Orange is the New Orange

When I was younger I loved accessories; I’d pile on layers of vintage costume jewellery, scarves and top it of with a gregarious hat and oversized sunglasses. With the passing of years, I’ve become more sparing in my use of adornments. Primarily, because I was forever getting the accessories tangled in my hair and stuck in tube doors. But also, I don’t think it’s very chic. Better to let a bright colour or vivid prints do the talking and keep the accessories simple. This locket is from Alex Monroe and the dress is from ASOS.  

Frock On

When I look back on my recent outfit posts, I notice a definite theme. Long, diaphanous frocks with a dose of 70s whimsy are what I’m stuck on. However, a friend of mine reminded me that this has always been my thing. I guess this is my version of a uniform, even if it’s wildly impractical and flamboyant. Perhaps I’ll change track sometime soon, but for the time being I’ll go with what I know. This dress is from ASOS but it’s sold out, there are vaguely similar options here and here. The shoes are by Joanne Stoker.  

Old Faithful

There are certain looks that I return to again and again. It’s rather dull, but I find myself re-tracing my steps and wearing a variation of an old outfit. I’ve had this pleated skirt from Whistles for years and it was bang on-trend when I bought it. Now pleated midis are classic wardrobe staples, handy for work and the weekend. I’ve worn this guy with beaded vintage tops for the evening, or a crisp white shirt for meetings. Today I’ve teamed it with a blouse is from Negarin London, my favourite old tan belt from &Other Stories (similar here), platforms from Next (similar here) and a hat I bought recently from Whistles.

Swept Away

Usually there’s an overriding mood each season that seeps into the trends; SS15 is all about a free-spirited, 70’s bohemian vibe. Usually I swim against the tide and make contradictory sartorial choices, mostly for the sake of being contrary. However, I have been swept away with Boho fever and embraced the zeitgeist. This is partly because it’s a trend works for me, vintage inspired, billowing frocks and lashings of fringing is right up my alley. This dress is a sweet find from ASOS and my kimono jacket is by Zara. The shoes are by Sargossa and the jewellery is vintage.

Tuesday’s Ballgown

I often justify the purchase of flamboyant clothes with the proviso that I’ll shove a casual jacket over the top. It’s a feeble excuse, but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’ve experimented with denim and sequins, taffeta and leather and sheepskin slung over lace. These sartorial ‘trial and errors’ have had mixed success. Sometimes I just look like a kid who’s insisted on wearing a tutu to school. As it happens, I was the child with a ballerina’s outfit worn with a sensible  jumper. Nothing much has changed since those days and I still want to dress up every day, no matter how incongruous my outfit is. This dress from The Reformation works with this basic shirt from ASOS and a my beaten up vintage biker. I bought this well worn jacket many years ago on Ebay […]

Wind in the Willows

Over the last few days the wind has been blowing a gale, this is rather unfortunate given my predilection for billowing skirts and floaty frocks. Whenever I’ve left the house I’ve found my skirt blowing up around my head, exposing my pants to all and sundry. I don’t think this shoot does justice to the outfit, the harassing wind made it nearly impossible to show the sculptural pleating of my shirt by Georgia Hardinge, the delicate silk panels of this skirt by Cédric Charlier, or the soft tailoring of this ASOS trench. I’m hoping that the weather will get its act together soon. In the mean time I could make more sensible wardrobe choices, but after years of inappropriate dressing I don’t see myself stopping now. My shoes are by Sophia Webster.