Subtle Sexiness, Foam Fingers and Miley Cyrus.

There’s been a whole lotta ho-ha these past few days; thanks to a now infamous performance on the VMA’s the words ‘Miley Cyrus’ and ‘Twerking‘ have become bi-phrases for scandal.  I personally don’t understand what all the fuss is about.  Yes, Cyrus’ performance was tasteless and displayed precious little of her talent,  but in terms of the content of the performance it wasn’t more explicit then past offerings from Lady Gaga, Britney or Madonna.  True, there was the edition of the big foam finger which Miley used to point at her and Robin Thicke’s genitals, just in case anyone had forgotten their location on the human anatomy.   I suspect what has caused the furore is the fact that her raunchy jiggling didn’t appear choreographed – just the random writhing of any drunk […]

So bad’s it good.

There are certain things in life that should be terrible, but for some logic defeating reason, are unequivocally awesome.  Grease Two, salted caramel and David Hasselhoff;  by the laws of all that is holy, all of the former should suck, yet  they defy the rules of good taste and are all the better for it.  My theory is that when something passes through the bad taste barrier it comes back round the other side and into extreme brilliance. The same rule applies to fashion –  there are clothes that by rights should be incinerated, but their precarious balancing act on the borders of good taste adds to their incredible edge. Pastel coloured  metallics, white stilettos, anything in PVC – surely no sane style conscious person should be seen dead in such garments? Yet somehow […]

Autumn in Bloom: How to wear fall’s flowers.

With the rapid approach of autumn it’s time to break out the new season looks, but this can be challenging when the weather stubbornly remains balmy.  A great solution for transeasonal dressing are winter florals; they look pretty as a picture in the last days of summer and will be add the delicate lightness of petals to heavy winter outfits.  Dark floral prints look luscious next to the richness of claret knits and caramel coats, my favourite way to wear them is in contrast to with sheer chiffon, a predilection I share with Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy. Alber Elbaz at Lanvin took a more traditional approach to floral dressing, with 50’s inspired shapes and luxuriant fabrics.  The Lanvin collection had it’s usual brand of unabashed femininity, but this time round Elbaz injected a […]