Lilac Ice

I’ve always been fond of winter florals, especially when combined with delicate pastels and a lilac lip. I know that purple shades are technically not the most flattering, but I’m rather taken with this pretty lipstick from Topshop. It looks more mauve in the pictures, but in the flesh it’s a colour of a dainty lilac petal. I’ve been trying to buy less and wear more of the clothes that are already in my wardrobe. I bought this shirt dress from ASOS last year, and the skirt is an old favourite by Cédric Charlier. The boots are a well loved pair from Topshop. I picked up this Holly Fulton furry clutch bag in a sample sale, it reminds me of a bejewelled muppets monster, which makes me smile whenever I take it out with me.

Snowy Spring

It may seem incongruous to talk about trans-seasonal dressing when the weather forecast is predicting Snowmageddon, but layers are the key to all meteorological challenges. A leather or faux fur gilet is very handy for adding an extra layer of of warmth to an outfit, when spring finally hits, it can be worn with bare arms. I’m particularly fond of this leather guy from Whistles. A trench is always a classic buy which works all year round.  

Neutral New Year

I struggle with neutrals; simple easy going peices are the bedrock of any wardrobe. This is all fine and dandy, but I find myself drawn towards bright colours and extravagant textures. I can’t bear the prescriptive, ring fenced style advice that is touted as the ‘capsule wardrobe’ in magazines. The classic blazer, the perfect jeans and the tailored white shirt send me into a boredom induced coma. For me, the basics are leather, loud prints, metallic fabrics and pleated skirts. This outfit is about the closest I come to ‘classic’. This coat is an old favourite from French Connection, it was an investment piece that I’ve worn again and again.  The skirt is a recent sales purchase, by Cédric Charlier from Avenue 32. The shoes are by Joanne Stoker – I’m obsessed with Joanne’s work. […]

Rejina Pyo

I make it my business to support new designers, it’s an easy task and the best part of the job. Rejina Pyo is a designer who’s hit the ground running. After only two seasons, the Korean born designer is stocked at Net-a-Porter, Avenue 32 and Young British Designers to name but a few. She graduated from Central St Martins with a collection inspired by the Japanese wood sculptor Isamu Noguchi which was ‘’a beautiful blend of wooden sculptures with fluid fabric’. Her show was chosen by an H&M owned brand ‘Weekday’ to create designs based on her MA collection to be sold in stores all over Europe. In 2012 Pyo won the Han Nefkens Fashion Award and then went on to work as a design assistant at Rocksanda. This laundry list of achievements is backed up by some seriously beautiful […]

Feeling Blue

There is a curious seasonal displacement that comes from working in fashion. I find myself continually fixated on the next season and not wanting to wear clothes appropriate for the climate. However there are some trends that work all year round. Cobalt blue was all over the A/W14 collections, it looks great with knitwear but it’s also the business worn in the sun. I’ll be wearing cobalt with orange and black, however it goes nicely well with neutrals. Feature image courtesy of  

Matchy Matchy

I’ve been obsessing over matching skirts and tops for a while now. They’re not only bang on trend but also have pleasing, retro-feminine vibe and the look is pretty much perfect for my body. I inherited many things from my Dad that I am eternally grateful for, but his short, stocky legs I’m not so thrilled about. I have my mother’s long neck and torso with my Dad’s aggressive, muscular little legs poking out from the bottom of my anatomy. A matching top and skirt combo works well for me as the skirt gently skims over my killer quads, and the top reveals my waist. Here are some of the best matching sets around at the moment.

Done and Dusted

I wrote about Normcore a couple of months ago and I had hoped that the trend would have run its course by now. Alas, the dreary, dull look is still lurking around London’s trendiest areas. There’s a lot to be said for understated chic, but I’ll take beautiful colours and vibrant textures any day of the week. The current uniform of the Normcore’s devotee is the black 7/8ths cropped trouser, a pair of black trainers, a white or black t-shirt and a long black duster coat. Despite the drab colour palate, I can get on board with a duster coat – they look great over a flared skirt and have a history rooted in the 1950’s, one of my favourite style eras. Fortunately the modern duster comes in a plethora of pretty hues which satisfies my devotion […]

Baby got back

I’ve never quite got the hang of practical dressing. I choose my clothes based on beauty, not on whether they work for my life. Hence I often rock up for brunch in a ball gown, afternoon tea in a feather headdress and long walks in the park in high heels. I attract some puzzled looks, but frankly I don’t give a damn. However, my poor ruined feet and sloping posture mean that I have to curb my flamboyant ways in favour of orthopedically kind choices. Backpacks have been knocking around for a few seasons now, but bags in the SS14 Chanel show helped solidify the humble backpack’s status. Previously the reserve of school kids, backpacks have taken a decidedly chic turn. For me, a backpack has to be secure. Without the proper fastening or zip, you may as well walk […]

Get Skirty

One of the joys of having my own blog is being entirely in charge of the content. I can post the things I like willy-nilly, with no editor or boss to dictate what appears on my pages. I’ve got a big thing for a-line, midi statement skirts at the moment, they’re a modern interpretation of the classically feminine 50’s shape. I love this look combined with a simple T or a sporty sweat-shirt. Statement skirts work well for me because I’m tall with a small waist and have more than my fair share of ass, which I’m eager to disguise. However, this look works pretty well for lots of body types; if you’re on the shorter side then style a statement skirt with a pair of heels and you’ll be good to go. 1.Mint Jacquard […]

Wedding Crashers

Dressing for a wedding is a delicate balance, if your outfit is too ostentatious you look like you are trying to upstage the Bride – never was there a more shameful sartorial faux pas. Dress too scruffy and you fail to show due reverence for the couple’s big day. These tight perimeters tend to narrow down the choices, which leads me to another perilous pitfall of wedding guest dressing…showing up in the same outfit as someone else. Heaven forfend. The key to good guest outfits is to choose something reasonably safe; don’t show too much flesh and don’t go too flashy. Once you’ve got the foundation of your look sorted, then you can add quirky accessories and interesting details.   Feature image courtesy of