Body Works

I’m aware that I’ve only  blogged about my pregnancy recently, so I apologise to anyone who is is bored of hearing about it. But I guess having a baby is such an all consuming event, that it’s to be expected. I’ve been galloping apace with my writing projects and I’m churning out 2000 words a day in a desperate scrabble to get everything done before the baby shows up in 8 weeks or so. There’s not a lot of brain space after that work is done. I haven’t really gone into many details about the symptoms of my pregnancy, primarily because there’s nothing of interest to talk about. However, the most challenging thing has been accepting my body as it has altered and grown. I have a history of eating disorders, and although I’ve been well […]

Teenage Angst

When I was younger, I had a rather different figure to the one I have now. I was very curvy with a generous bust. The change in my body seemed to happen over night. When I look back on pictures from my teens, it’s clear that I wasn’t used to this new version of myself. I felt like a whale a lot of the time; I was a size 14-16, which may be big compared to a runway model, but is fairly average amongst the general populace. For my 18th birthday I went shopping with my mum to find an outfit. We traipsed up and down Oxford Street for hours, but we couldn’t find a single thing that fit. Eventually we came across something that not only covered my curves, but looked pretty good. However, the experience was […]