Body Works

I’m aware that I’ve only  blogged about my pregnancy recently, so I apologise to anyone who is is bored of hearing about it. But I guess having a baby is such an all consuming event, that it’s to be expected. I’ve been galloping apace with my writing projects and I’m churning out 2000 words a day in a desperate scrabble to get everything done before the baby shows up in 8 weeks or so. There’s not a lot of brain space after that work is done. I haven’t really gone into many details about the symptoms of my pregnancy, primarily because there’s nothing of interest to talk about. However, the most challenging thing has been accepting my body as it has altered and grown. I have a history of eating disorders, and although I’ve been well […]

Body Blues

I used to loathe my body and I wasted years feeling crappy about myself. I was very insecure about my pear-shaped, muscular figure; I went on ridiculous diets and slathered myself in fake tan, hoping it would make my legs look slimmer. At one point I was even considering a boob job; I’m glad I didn’t have surgery as I’m sure I’d regret it now. This dress from The Reformation wouldn’t work on someone with large breasts and having a smaller bust affords me more options. I’ve also accepted my whiter-shade-of-pale complexion, fake tan made me look nothing but orange. When I was in my early to mid 20s, the media was obsessed with the size-zero trend, which was most unhelpful. Although the Kardashian ‘Klan’ have a lot of negative stuff to answer for, they’ve helped shift some of the focus away from a super-skinny, […]

The flamingo

As time has worn on, I’ve learnt how to pose in the most flattering way for images on this blog. Like most women, there are parts of my body that I feel self-conscious about – my rugby player legs are number one on my list of hang-ups. I’ve realised that we women spend our whole lives picking ourselves apart. I got chatting to a very beautiful girl at a wedding recently; after a couple of glasses of champagne our tongues loosened and we started talking body issues. She confided that she continually battled against a feeling that she just wasn’t good enough – that her body was a laundry list of flaws to be corrected. Needless to say, this woman was stunning and had nothing to worry about. Sadly, we women fretting over our figures is an […]