Body Works

I’m aware that I’ve only  blogged about my pregnancy recently, so I apologise to anyone who is is bored of hearing about it. But I guess having a baby is such an all consuming event, that it’s to be expected. I’ve been galloping apace with my writing projects and I’m churning out 2000 words a day in a desperate scrabble to get everything done before the baby shows up in 8 weeks or so. There’s not a lot of brain space after that work is done. I haven’t really gone into many details about the symptoms of my pregnancy, primarily because there’s nothing of interest to talk about. However, the most challenging thing has been accepting my body as it has altered and grown. I have a history of eating disorders, and although I’ve been well […]

The Leg Blues

My legs have a natural tendency to be hulking swathes of muscle. My She Hulk-quads could crack coconuts and my calves are like powerful flesh bricks, skulking behind my shins. I used to hate my strong legs, I longed for the slender, delicate limbs of the models that looked back at me from the pages of magazines. I dieted, exercised and obsessed over achieving my ideal figure. I got slimmer, but my muscly legs remained – if anything they became more defined and akin to a Marvel character. As the years have passed I’ve accepted that I’m always going to be more Super Hero than Super Model. There’s nothing I can do to change it (short of starving myself, never good) and obsessing over something immovable as hardened muscle is a waste of […]

Body Sculpture and Georgia Hardinge

Later this week I’m interviewing the lovely Georgia Hardinge whose brilliant, sculptural designs  I’ve raved about before. I love this dress from her design forum collection from River Island. Even though it’s a strong statement piece, I’ve found that it works well with a grey marl sweatshirt and Nike trainers. I like how the graphic print draws the eye to the waist; Georgia excels at creating clothes that pack serious sartorial punch whilst still being flattering to the female body.