Burberry AW15: Free Spirit

I’m a little late to the party in writing about the Burberry A/W15 show, but I’ve been snowed under with work and only now can I raise my head above the chaos. Christopher Bailey’s last few collections have payed homage a past that one wouldn’t usually associate with the high end polish synonymous with Burberry Prorsum. The collection was entitled Patchwork, Pattern and Prints and payed homage to a freewheeling, late 60’s early 70’s bohemian attitude. These are clothes for the artistically inclined, although I wonder how many true bohemians can afford the sky-scraping prices of Burberry. The star pieces were the fringe capes and the red, ankle length patchwork dress . No doubt the high street will run pick up the ball – this look is easily replicated in a more wallet friendly format. I’m a […]

That’s a Wrap

I’m incurably scatty – to organise my daily personal admin is a Herculean effort. I usually skid above the chaotic detritus of my life, just about keeping my head above the bedlam. However, if there’s one area where I’m on the money it’s pre-season planning. Capes and wrap coats will be everywhere this fall and I’ve already scored a couple of killer bargains on Ebay. One of my favourites of the season was by Valentino – slate grey and embellished with iridescent butterflies that appeared to be briefly resting upon the billowing cashmere before they took flight. Alas, I don’t think I’ll find a Valentino equivalent on Ebay, but I’ve struck gold with a vintage tweed cape that’s not a million miles away from the Saint Laurent that will fit the bill nicely. This trend comes in […]

Fairytale Folk

There’s a trend shift ahead. The last few seasons have focused on streamlined, 90’s inspired looks. Key designers have made moves towards folksy, whimsical looks. The Dolce + Gabbana collection was focused on rather literal interpretations of children’s fairy tales. Burberry Prorsum was inspired by the Bloomsbury group: classic trenches and bags were daubed with bold, painterly brush strokes. Fashion has had a knowing smirk on its face for a number of years. The Hoxton hipsters wearing ‘ironic’ t-shirts and designers trotting out tongue-in-chic clothes that imply the wearer understands a set  of convoluted, supposedly witty references. This season’s folksy look is all about  homespun charm and unabashed prettiness. It’s not the most edgy trends on the horizon this fall, but it’s one of my favourites. It’s a look that easily translates to the high-street and vintage […]