Summer on Sale

Now the weather has finally warmed up, I fancy wearing hyper-romantic clothes. The sales are on and thanks to the soggy summer, there’s loads of good stuff up for grabs. Modern Romance is one of the key trends this season, but it can be tricky to pull off. I like to wear ruffles and floral motifs with minimalist jewellery and tough boots or sandals. This is a sponsored post.

Green Glow

I have daily rituals that make me feel more confident. I enjoy the time I set aside for making up my face; it’s a chance for me to gather my thoughts, listen to my favourite music and prepare for the day. In the last few years, drug store make-up has come along leaps and bounds, and you no longer have to spend a fortune to achieve a wide variety of looks. I like to wear a mix of high-end and high-street, but there are certain products that are worth the investment. Charlotte Tilbury’s stuff is brilliant, and I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve ever bought from her. I particularly love her Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow in Verushka, which is a warm, sage colour. I’ve been wearing a lot of warm green and gold tones recently, in an effort […]

Eye of the tiger

Since Adele’s new album launched, her face has been everywhere. I’ve not yet listened to 25 all the way through, but I have a long work-out scheduled at the weekend, so I’ll give it a go then. Music aside, Adele’s trademark 60s inspired makeup, has prompted lots of makeup tutorials on Youtube and I’ve found myself wearing a thick slash of winged eyeliner everyday. The cat’s eye flick is an enduring classic and never fails to look chic, pulled together whilst never being over done. There are lots of options available at all price points. Unlike foundation and skin care, where you usually get what you pay for, eyeliner doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be good. I personally love Maybelline’s gel eyeliner and Topshop’s Magic Liner pen. If you want to […]

Charlotte Tilbury’s Cleopatra

I’m always keen to try new beauty products and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow, Eyes to Mesmerise. I went for a the beautiful peacock green shade, Cleopatra. It’s a stunning colour but this is not one of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury products. This isn’t to say that it’s not a good eyeshadow, it goes on smoothly and if you want to achieve a gentle wash of colour it’s great. I was looking to build up a strong statement look and it goes streaky if you put on too much. After a lot of blending I achieved the desired effect. It’s has a slightly wet, gel like texture, rather than the creamier, firmer consistency of Illision D’Ombre by Chanel or Cream Crush by Kiko.  If it […]

The Big Smoke

When I become fixated on something I find it hard to shift. For example, my current preoccupation with a 70’s inspired bohemia has set in and I’m unlikely to move onto something else for ages. A soft, free-floating look calls for something tough to ground it. Whether it’s a beaten up leather jacket, a pair of chunky boots or smokey make-up; floral femininity requires edge. This is a fairly classic smokey eye, but instead of starting with eyeshadow I’ve set down the base of the look with black eyeliner worthy of a racoon. It’s easier to create sooty intensity with smudgy eyeliner. As well as a chocolate brown eyeshadow from Charlotte Tilbury’s Sophisticate palette, I’ve used a khaki green shade with flecks of gold that brings out the hazel in my eyes. I think […]

Beyond the Fringe

During my gap year – longer ago than I care to remember – I went to Thailand. Needless to say, I hung out on the pristine white beaches, swam in the aquamarine ocean and drank cocktails served in small plastic buckets. Before heading home I scoured the markets in Bangkok looking for bohemian gems. At the time, a rendition of Boho was in full swing and I was on the hunt for anything adorned with suede fringe. I found a tan bucket bag with a long swishy mane, which I carted around with me until it fell apart. Now the bohemian vibe is back on the scene, I’ve fallen in love all over again. The floating free spirit is a classic look and re-emerges in some form every few years. Suede fringe is a solid investment as the […]

Modern Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe has been appointed the new global ambassador for Max Factor. I’m not sure what I think about Marilyn’s posthumous new job – particularly as the brand is taking credit for the iconic Marilyn ‘look’. This is a dubious claim with little corroborative evidence. The credit for Marilyn’s make-up goes partly to her first agent Emmeline Snively, who suggested she dye her hair platinum blonde, her make-up artist of many years, Whitey Snyder, and Norma Jean herself. However, there are some tricks from Marilyn’s classic look that are still relevant today. Whitey Snyder used to pat a little white powder to the centre of her lips to make them look plump and luscious. I’ve utilised Whitey’s secrets and dabbed Ambient Lighting powder to an orange-red lip. I love sharp, winged eyeliner to complete the classic, retro look. […]

Smoke House

Over the last couple of years I have become obsessed with makeup, in fact a friend of a friend who has been following my blog asked if I had indulged in a little plastic surgery. This isn’t true, I haven’t gone under the knife or had botox. I think the reason why she might have thought that I had work done is because I have got to grips with the transformative power of make-up. Unfortunately, all of my favourite brands are on the expensive side – Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, Lipstick Queen, Nars, Kevyn Aucoin, and Tom Ford line my fantasy make-up bag. If I had the money, I would be constantly buying the latest and greatest products on the market. That said, there is loads of excellent stuff available at a lower price point – […]

Walk like an Egyptian

We got a kitten! I wasn’t going to write about her  but it occurred to me that the internet is made of cats so I might as well throw my hat into the ring. Her name is Cleopatra, Cleo for short, she’s a cross between an Egyptian Mau and a Bengal. We named her after the last active pharaoh of ancient Egypt partly because of her heritage and because of the markings around her eyes which make her look like she’s rocking statement eyeliner. Since we got her I feel the urge to match my makeup to hers and I’ve been painting my eyes with a feline flick. I thought that black was the only option when it came to eyeliner, however I’ve recently discovered Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock’n’Kohl eyeliner in Barbarella Brown which is a softer, more flattering hue. […]

Finishing the hat

In the winter I’ve a tendency to dress like Tom Baker’s incarnation of Dr Who; a wide brimmed hat and a generous scarf feels right this time of year. As much as I’m obsessed with lavender and silver at the moment, I’ve always loved a jewel toned accessory. These hats from & Other Stories and ASOS are just the ticket, they’d look great with a statement lip. I’d pair this look with a floor length coat or if I’m feeling particularly flamboyant, a faux fur or sheepskin number. This last look can verge on looking a little like a pimp, however if it’s worn with enough chutzpah it can be an awesome way to dress in the cold months.