Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a lovely festive break. I had a quiet celebration with my family and was in bed by 11pm on New Year’s Eve. Gone are the days when I’d stay up well into the small hours of January 1st, but that’s fine by me. I’m now 20 weeks pregnant and my growing bump is limiting my sartorial choices. There were lots of lovely clothes in the shops in the run up to Christmas but I couldn’t wear any of them, which is probably for the best as it stopped me buying stuff I don’t need. Being pregnant makes me think more carefully about what I spend money on; clothes have to not only be comfortable but be guaranteed to last for the duration of my pregnancy. I’ve accepted that the next five months won’t be my most stylish and that’s […]

Christmas Jumpers Shopping Guide

Over the last few years, the Christmas jumper has lost its tongue-in-cheek irony and is now a legitimate piece in the winter wardrobe. The look is more paired back and chic, and has lost the garish novelty factor, a very good thing in my book. Matches have collaborated with Save The Children, producing a line of festive knitwear by Christopher Kane, Charlotte Olympia, Henry Holland, Giles Deacon and Bella Freud. £100 from the sale of each jumper goes to the charity. Matches is on the expensive end of the scale, but there are plenty of affordable options around. I think Christmas jumpers look great with a pleated midi-skirt or skinny leather pants.   Photos courtesy of www.fashiongonerogue.com

The Party Line

With the party season on the horizon, the shops are filled with sparkly frocks and glittery shoes. Although I love a bit of shimmer, the sequin embellished Christmas-party look is so ubiquitous, it’s easy to end up dressed like everyone else. To avoid this I like to go little off-piste by mixing an opulent skirt (in velvet or lace) with a simple T or a denim shirt. Or mixing a feminine dress with a masculine blazer or flat shoes. I also like pastel colours in the winter, and this skirt from Teatum Jones will be doing the rounds with me this festive season. I’ve paired it with a metallic knit T from Topshop and my favourite black court shoes from Lucy Choi. I’ve slung on my Whistles faux fur coat from last year.

Rosa’s Christmas Gift guide

I’ve always preferred giving gifts to receiving them, the look on a loved one’s face when they open the perfect present is priceless. I don’t always get it right, I’ve made a few mistakes in my time. The key is to give things that they would love but are unlikely to buy themselves. I’ve put together a little gift guide, it’s rather girly but women are easier to buy for and their presents are more fun.    

Festive insecurities

I’ve banged on about how I like to dress up in the day time ever since I started writing this blog and frankly, I’m getting bored of myself. The thought that goes through my mind every time I sit down to write is ‘Yes Rosa, you like to dress up – what else?’. What else indeed. I try to dress casually, but it never quite works. I don’t feel confident in jeans because they make me feel dumpy. I’m well aware that I’m by no means fat but my hangup areas lurk around the tops of my thighs and my hips. I find myself in a bevy of skirts, statement dresses, metallics and sequins. The latter aren’t necessarily integral to hiding the areas of my body that I’m not so crazy about – but I like shiny […]

The Portrait in the Attic

I’ve been a fan of Self Portrait since it’s genesis last year. The collections are bold, edgy but with a feminine spin that makes them flattering and wearable. I’ve invested in a few pieces from the brand, they pack a serious designer punch at a more affordable price. I’ll be turning to Self Portrait for an original take on christmas party dressing, a jumpsuit or a full skirted dress will stand out a mile from the generic, sequined frocks.

Winter Sun

When the clocks go back in the UK, we’re plunged into darkness early in the evening and late into the morning. As much as I enjoy the changing of the seasons, the extra hours of night do not engender good cheer. In order to rouse my spirits and make the best of the colder season, I take it upon myself to wear bright colours. These shoes from Sargossa, one of my favourite emerging brands, are not only crazy-comfortable but the unabashed sunshine yellow never fails to make me smile. Open toe shoes are perhaps a little chilly for any month with an ‘R’ in it but pairing them with 80 denier tights adds extra mileage to these beauties from the summer season. The Sargossa Christmas collection is going to drop in the next […]

Rosa the Poser

When I was a young girl I earned the nick-name ‘Rosa the Poser’. My moniker was duly warranted, I created a number of attention grabbing spectacles throughout my school career. These mostly involved shouting, jumping on tables and the occasional covert defacing of school property. However my naughtiness was nothing pioneering or show stopping. I had great admiration for the kids who were responsible for tangible mischief but I was too frightened of possible expulsion to get up to any hardcore skulduggery. My reign of terror was constrained to being a boisterous and posturing irritant rather than full-fledged insurgency. My working life has been a continuum of posing – there’s inherent strutting involved in acting  (although ironically less so when you’ve landed the job). The proliferation of social media has meant that working […]

Nailing Christmas

Christmas is expensive. Fact. I’m rather a fan of the festive season but I usually overspend which results with an alarming credit card bill. Not only do I go bananas buying presents, but with Christmas socialising and new clothes that I inevitably splurge on, I’m broke by New Year. This time round I’m making an effort to recycle and re-style last year’s outfits and be more circumspect with my finances. A way to pep up any look is with a marvellous manicure, however with my economy drive in full swing, getting my nails done falls into the category of frivolous indulgence. To avoid unnecessary frittering, I’ve got a canny method of creating home made nail art that works a treat. I love a coloured half moon; I think it works particularly well with […]

Frocks Away

I’ve had a request to put together a guide for the best Christmas dresses – as a dutiful blog monkey I’ve obliged.  Now, I should point out from the off start that any dressing guide that I assemble will never be run of the mill party frocks. I try to avoid anything too generic and obvious. I often fail to do this, but it remains my overriding intention. In short, I believe that to stand out rules must be broken.  With that in mind, here’s a selection of my favourite dresses for Christmas parties, I’ve covered the traditional festive red and LBD bases. However, I think white and cream in the winter is a beautiful option that’s guaranteed distinguish one from a sea of black.   Featured image courtesy of Vogue.com