Matchy Matchy

I’ve been obsessing over matching skirts and tops for a while now. They’re not only bang on trend but also have pleasing, retro-feminine vibe and the look is pretty much perfect for my body. I inherited many things from my Dad that I am eternally grateful for, but his short, stocky legs I’m not so thrilled about. I have my mother’s long neck and torso with my Dad’s aggressive, muscular little legs poking out from the bottom of my anatomy. A matching top and skirt combo works well for me as the skirt gently skims over my killer quads, and the top reveals my waist. Here are some of the best matching sets around at the moment.

The Sound of Music

I’m often drawn to clothes that I have nostalgic connection to; I bought my 80’s vintage gem on Ebay when I was searching for a Michael Jackson style leather jacket. This guy has a pleasing nod to Jacko (who I’ve loved since I was 6) without going the full Thriller. This pinafore dress is from & Other Stories and has a whiff of The Sound of Music about it. In order to keep the look modern and contemporary I’ve paired it with a loose pink cropped top from Topshop – anything too twee under this dress doesn’t work. I’ve finished the outfit of with my rather dog-eared iridescent brogues from Miista.

The pleated Stalwart

There are certain standby looks that I know work for me, a pleated midi-skirt and a cropped-top are pretty much failsafe. Sometimes I get a little bored with this outfit, I have it replicated in my wardrobe in multiple colours and incarnations. I long for sleek, masculine tailoring, or skinny leather trousers, but I’ve come to accept that these pieces are never going to work for me. I fear I would look like a butch black pudding in the aforementioned ensemble. Things that ain’t broke need not be fixed. From my midi-skirt/cropped-top base look I can add more masculine pieces, like my coat from Acne (worn in the feature image) or edgy accessories. I love this colour block skirt from Whistles, it’s got a touch of Celine SS14 about it and is a […]