Wear the Walk

I never thought that the 8th month of my pregnancy would be a time for high fashion. The most outre looks are not usually created for my bulbous silhouette. Even though I’m itching to refresh my wardrobe, I don’t want to buy loads of new stuff, given that I’m due to give birth in three weeks. However, I’ve recently discovered Wear the Walk, a new company who I’ve been collaborating with. The brain child of Zoe Partridge, Wear the Walk rents out clothes from dynamic emerging designers. I’ve always been a fan of fresh new talent, which London has in abundant supply. This coat by MINNANHUI is a great example of something that I would love to wear to Fashion Week, but probably wouldn’t buy because of it’s extreme flamboyance. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I’ve […]

Death by finance

I often marvel at how multi-talented emerging designers have to be to break through and make it. It’s not enough to make beautiful, interesting clothes – financial and commercial concerns lie in a delicate balance with creativity. In the last 10 years, two great British brands bit the dust, Luella and Meadham Kirchhoff. Luella, which shut up shop in 2009, was a label I loved and tried to replicate with vintage and high street finds. One of my favourite collections was AW08; a rather literal take on a witches coven, complete with pumpkin coloured tights and pointy hats. Luella Bartley has made welcome return to fashion, designing for Marc for Marc Jacobs with Katie Hillier. In March this year the pair launched their own label, Hillier Bartley, which is more sophisticated and restrained than Luella; no bad thing in my book. The […]

Self Portrait A/W14

Self Portrait is a brand whose collections I obsess about. The alluring combination of feminine fabrics and sporty tailoring make for compulsive coveting. This season is no different and SP’s status as threads for cool girls is set in stone. Despite the mid-range price point, SP punches way above its weight with designer details and luxe fabrics. My favourite pieces are the black and white zig-zag coordinating skirt and bomber jacket, which have a pleasing Proenza Schouler vibe. Previously exclusively available online, Self Portrait is debuting in Selfridges tonight, the launch party is in store from 7.

Get Skirty

One of the joys of having my own blog is being entirely in charge of the content. I can post the things I like willy-nilly, with no editor or boss to dictate what appears on my pages. I’ve got a big thing for a-line, midi statement skirts at the moment, they’re a modern interpretation of the classically feminine 50’s shape. I love this look combined with a simple T or a sporty sweat-shirt. Statement skirts work well for me because I’m tall with a small waist and have more than my fair share of ass, which I’m eager to disguise. However, this look works pretty well for lots of body types; if you’re on the shorter side then style a statement skirt with a pair of heels and you’ll be good to go. 1.Mint Jacquard […]

The Sculptress: Georgia Hardinge

I often experience deep seated existential angst; this applies to many areas of my life but particularly with regards to my work. Who am I useful to? What purpose do I serve? What on earth is the point? I don’t ask these questions in hope of receiving ego affirming comments; my insecurities are so deeply entrenched that no amount of thumbs ups or smiley faces would touch the sides of my tortured psyche. However, I’ve recently come to realise that if there’s one useful purpose of the fashion blogger, it is to tell the story of the designer. Without being shackled to the agenda of a magazine or parent publishing company, the blogger is free to review collections and designers with impunity. A story that I’ve been longing to tell for a while […]

Texture Clash

Once the dust has settled after London Fashion Week, I feel emboldened to try new looks, take risks and challenge the perimeters of my comfort zone. The new ideas presented by the designers are inspiring and invigorating, but the clothes on show attendees are also intriguing. These are the boldest sartorial risk takers in the world who traverse the extremes of style. However, there are some people who go to London Fashion Week simply to be seen and don’t give a hoot about the clothes on the runways. These folks are easy to spot, not only by their outrageous outfits but also by the amount of selfies they take before the shows – they are eager to show their social media followers who they’re sitting next to and how near the front row they are. However, when the models come down […]

5 more Style suggestions

This is the second instalment of my style suggestions, which had originally been conceived as the 10 Style commandments. Someone who has an enthusiastic fondness for iridescent brogues shouldn’t be allowed to dispense fashion guidance, let alone unsolicited commandments. I should emphasise that any advice is the product of opinion and personal experience, in this case my sage words are mostly devised from my experience as a stylist and an eccentric fashionista – so take what’s useful and leave what’s not. 1) Learn to like your body: In the modern world we’re unceasingly bombarded with images of skinny, nubile, supposedly perfect bodies that chip away at self esteem like Machiavellian ringworm which gets under our skin and hisses sabotaging messages in our ears…’You’re too fat’…’You’re not pretty’…’You’ll never be good enough’…and so on. […]

Beware of the Idiot

I’ve met some quite extraordinary people in my life, many of whom I’m fortunate enough to call my friends. However, I’ve come across some hilarious dullards as well – I’m just as grateful for the morons as I am for the geniuses because they’ve provided excellent examples of how not to do things. As I’ve progressed through my career I’ve noticed a trend for female entrepreneurs who add an element spiritual mysticism to the wares they peddle – as well as buying into a product you get to have a good dose of soul medicine as well. I’ve no particular bone to pick with any form of spirituality, however I don’t believe that it’s a commercial commodity that can be bought and sold. I’ve come to realise that anyone who tries to sell […]

The Duvet Day

The men in my life always provide me with brutally honest opinions. I’ve recently had my hair cut into a long bob and when I stumbled downstairs at 6.30 in the morning with my black rimmed glasses on my husband said – ‘You look like Tina Fey, but you know, in a good way’. The comment wasn’t unfounded, nor did I take it as an insult. My husband isn’t afraid to tell me what he thinks of my fashion choices; he’s never derogatory but he frequently doesn’t actually like what I wear, but he (wisely)  expects me to carry on regardless. Men often aren’t crazy about fashion forward clothes, this is because they are not designed for the benefit of men – they’re for other women to appreciate. If a woman stops me […]

The Style Suggestions

People often comment on my style, sometimes with admiration, often derision and occasionally outright alarm. An old lady once stopped me in the street to ask if I was going to a ball, I told her that no, I wasn’t attending a ball – actually a barbecue. She was so befuddled by my answer that she accosted some passers by to ask then if they thought I looked like I dressed for a ball, they agreed with her. The only way to placate the old dear was to change my story and say yes, I was indeed attending a ball, with a six pack of Magners under my arm. True story. My inability to dress appropriately for any given occasion should deter me from dolling out unsolicited style advice, but what I should […]