The Hidden: Georgia Hardinge AW16

There are certain cliched phrases that I try to avoid, primarily because they make me shudder. However, ‘classic with a twist’ often comes to mind during Fashion Week. Although I find the expression is loathsome, it succinctly epitomises the work of some rather brilliant designers. Georgia Hardinge has always balanced wearable clothes with conceptual originality. Her AW16 collection, entitled ‘The Hidden’, was inspired by last year’s meteor showers. On first glance, one might not have noticed the galactic theme in this paired back, sporty collection. But with every step the models took, the shimmering stars nestled in amongst the pleats and subtle sculptural details came to light. Colours of the night sky were represented by shades of inky black, midnight navy, cobalt and magenta. Clever pleats and meticulous tailoring make Georgia’s clothes as desirable as they are interesting. To classify such a […]

Georgia Hardinge SS16: A sign of things to come

During fashion week, I often think about the logistics and cost of running a successful label. It’s not enough just to produce beautiful clothes; designers have to balance fashion-forward ingenuity with commercial imperative. Georgia Hardinge’s SS16 collection struck the sweet spot between wearability and creativity. I’ve been a fan of Georgia’s sleek aesthetic for a long time, and her latest offering is the strongest so far. Inspired by signs of the zodiac, the collection featured laser cut motifs of Scorpio, Cancer and Gemini, as well as Hardinge’s trademark sculptural details. The pleats deserve their own mention, creating sweeping romanticism whilst maintaining the clean lines synonymous with Georgia’s work. The angelic maxi-dresses in ivory would be a beautiful choice for the modern bride. I have no doubt that Georgia Hardinge’s brand is on the upward trajectory that her talent deserves.

Wind in the Willows

Over the last few days the wind has been blowing a gale, this is rather unfortunate given my predilection for billowing skirts and floaty frocks. Whenever I’ve left the house I’ve found my skirt blowing up around my head, exposing my pants to all and sundry. I don’t think this shoot does justice to the outfit, the harassing wind made it nearly impossible to show the sculptural pleating of my shirt by Georgia Hardinge, the delicate silk panels of this skirt by Cédric Charlier, or the soft tailoring of this ASOS trench. I’m hoping that the weather will get its act together soon. In the mean time I could make more sensible wardrobe choices, but after years of inappropriate dressing I don’t see myself stopping now. My shoes are by Sophia Webster.

Georgia Hardinge AW15

There’s something about wearing clothes made by my friends that is ultimately satisfying. I enjoy basking in the glory of my talented mates – my silver dress from Georgia Hardinge never fails to attract positive interest. I love to have the opportunity to sing her praises. It may sound sycophantic, but I wouldn’t say so if I didn’t mean it. I’m far too rude to be anything other than genuine. I went to see Georgia’s new collection at Somerset House; as usual I want to wear every piece on the rail. There’s a strong presence of pleats and sporty shapes which have me very excited. Georgia makes clothes that are simple, wearable but interesting and worthy of high praise.

Boy’s club

Once in a while I get bored of my girl clothes and dive into my husband’s wardrobe, his shirts and jackets are usually my first port of call. This one is a particular favourite; it’s just about tailored enough that it doesn’t swamp me. I have to be careful when I experiment with an Annie Hall look; it can easily swerve off track and the result is butch rather than chic. I was once mistaken for a bloke in a bar – most women would be mortally offended if someone mistook their gender, but I found it hilarious and let out an uproarious cackle. After I told the rather drunk chap I was not a boy, I was just wearing one of my husband’s shirts, the poor stumbled back to his group of friends, shamefaced […]

All the fun of the fair

I wore this outfit to meet a friend the other day – he said I looked like a giant prize teddy that one wins at a carnival after toppling a coconut. To be fair, he’s not wrong. The candy colours and fraggle rock faux fuz scream Care Bear. As always, I don’t give a damn. This coat from Whistles is cosy and comfy but still has the prerequisite glamour that I crave. I used to wear vintage fur, but the faux fur that’s available on the market today is as lovely as the real stuff. I’ve dispensed with tatty old pelts in favour of box-fresh, gossamer soft, fake fur. This skirt is from the beautiful Georgia Hardinge‘s A/W14 collection. As always, Georgia’s clothes are a potent mix of clean, flattering shapes combined with intricate, forward thinking details.  

Georgia Hardinge SS15

Georgia Hardinge is a designer who I’ve got to know over the past year or so and her work continues to be as intriguing as it is beautiful. Georgia creates remarkable origami sculptures and tailors her clothes around the graphic, architectural shapes formed by her paper creations. Her SS15 collection is peppered with crisp whites that one might expect from clothes conceived in paper. But the acidic lime and rich navy hues add depth and interest to an already compelling concept. The billowing caftan in a linear, mirror image print was one of the strongest pieces. What is clever about Georgia’s clothes is that they’re wearable and comfortable as well as original. I love my silver dress from the AW14 collection – despite its spangly metallic fabric there’s a simplicity to the lines that is […]


I have a soft spot for SciFi inspired clothes – plastic skirts, iridescent accessories and metallic fabrics. I suppose it’s a counter-balance to my love of frilly vintage clothes. This PVC skirt is an old favourite from ASOS and my T-shirt is by Georgia Hardinge, who takes a lot of inspiration from HR Giger, the surrealist swiss painter and sculptor who was responsible for the design of Ridley Scott’s Alien. When I wear this outfit I feel like a nurse on a spaceship – a good thing in my book. Underneath my various layers of socially acceptable manners and mores, carefully applied makeup and fashionable clothes, I’m a shameless geek. I love Science Fiction, comic books and monster/horror movies – I’ve been counting down the days to see The Babadook.

Silver Surfer

I have a predilection for metallic fabrics. Anything sheeny-shiny catches my eye and draws me in with an irresistible gravitational pull. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is or whether the occasion calls for the kind of statement dressing that metallic fabric connotes. Usually a silver frock is the preserve of the Christmas Party – but bugger that I say. The charms of all things lustrous are too great and I’ll wear them come what may. This corker of a dress is by Georgia Hardinge, who I caught up with a LFW and whose new collection is wonderful. I’ve styled it with this muppet pelt coat by Whistles, furry pastels are another of my obsessions right now.

The Shining

Metallics are never far out of the sartorial spotlight. Shimmering fabrics, once strictly preserved for the office Christmas do, have come into the light  for A/W14 and will work just as well as statement outerwear. Infact, metallics are now fair game for sporty separates and chic tailoring. I’ve got a magpie’s addiction to all things lustrous and I’ll be wearing some of the brightest and best to cheer up the inevitable dreary winter mornings .