Wedge Salad

It will be no surprise to anyone who’s followed my blog that I have a rather extensive wardrobe. Most of the things hanging in my closet are cheap vintage and high-street finds. I need to clear out the extraneous clutter and utilise the stuff I already have. I’m not a hoarder as a general rule, but I find it difficult to part with clothes. I remember who I was with, where I was and what I was doing with pretty much everything I own. I found these wedges (similar here) lurking under a pile of old stuff and I’d forgotten how much I liked them. They elevate me to over six feet tall, but I don’t mind being a giantess. I’ve worn them with a top and skirt from Zara, which are perfect for the muggy weather we’re having […]

Block Party: Joanne Stoker SS16

I’ve always favoured chunky heels over spiky stilettos. I prefer a vintage inspired, Mary Poppins vibe, which Joanne Stoker executes with skilful aplomb. Her SS16 collection passed the baton from her previous work, developing and perfecting Stoker’s charming, nouveau-retro look. Named 1981, it celebrated the strength and chutzpah of the 80’s power woman. Divided into lifestyle sections of work, holiday, pleasure and dancing, there was something for everyone. In amongst the shoes were sinewy ‘Voga’ dancers, throwing some classic 80’s shapes. ‘Voga’ is the next big thing in fitness – a happy marriage between dance and yoga. As well chunky lace-ups and cute sandals, the collection included orthopedically sound flats in an array of juicy colours. But the stars of the show were the Mary Janes with heels at the perfect height, the straps delicately placed under the ankle and the toes rounded […]

For the love of Shoes

Women love shoes. Well, that’s not entirely true – most women are at least very fond of shoes. It’s a lazy stereotype that I had hoped to avoid, but most cliches are rooted in a grain of truth. In this instance it’s not so much a grain as a whole granary of truth. The reason women love beautiful shoes is regardless of how self-conscious she’s feeling about her body or the relative plainness of her outfit, a killer pair of shoes immediately elevate the look to something special. Speaking for myself, wearing heels never fails to make me feel confident, which is ironic seeing as I frequently stack it in my stillies. However, I’ve been known to trip over my own feet in flats and unimpeded by obstacles of any kind. In short, […]