Light and White

I’ve never been one to worry too much about practicality. This dress from Needle and Thread isn’t well suited for the soggy summer we’re currently experiencing, but it’s so lovely that I don’t mind. It comes with a full length slip, but I think it would look nice without the slip and worn over a bikini for a holiday.

Fire and Ice

Last week I went to Iceland with my brother and our mum. I don’t usually talk about holidays on this blog, but I photographed so many beautiful places that I wanted to share. As you might expect it was freezing, with temperatures dipping to -10, but feeling more like -20 with the wind chill. I didn’t shoot any outfits, primarily because fashion has no place in arctic conditions, at least not for me. It was quite nice not to bother with my appearance for a week and focus on the stunning landscape. Iceland is pristine, stark and spectacular. When we travelled up glaciers and mountains, our tour guide told us that nothing lives in these frozen deserts apart from the occasional, hardy arctic fox. Coming from London, where everyone is heaped one on top of another, […]

Sent Packing

I struggle to travel light; packing well is a fine art that I have yet to master. Every time I travel I approach the check in desk with trepidation as I’ve usually gone over the luggage weight allowance. I try to limit myself to the essentials, but I can never quite manage it due to my fear of being caught short. What if there’s a sudden cold spell and I need a cardigan? What if there’s a sudden worldwide shortage of sun block and I get burned? Of course, I know my fears are ludicrous but I can’t rid myself of my neurotic tendencies and I usually jettison some of the excess into my husband’s case, which he accepts with patient grace. This summer’s trip to Greece was no exception. This vintage dress is perfect for holidays as it’s light and doesn’t […]

Greek Odyssey

Last week I was on holiday in Halkidiki in Greece, we stayed at the lovely Danai Resort. The temperature was pushing 40°C, so any fashion choices had to be easy breezy. This dress from The Reformation was perfect, the print feels quintessentially Greek, and the fabric is light as air.

The Tropic of Cancer

Summer in London is spluttering to a start with one day of glorious sunshine, then then another of driving rain. When the weather is wet and windy, swimwear shopping seems counterintuitive. However, it’s worth getting in early before all the good stuff is snapped up. This year I’m into bright, tropical inspired bikinis and one-pieces. However, there’s a huge selection on offer. I also like feminine florals and navy, nautical stripes. Feature image

The Perfect Hat

For many years I have been on the lookout for the perfect summer hat. I don’t have time for a floppy brimmed disaster that will obscure my vision and get on my nerves. I want it to maintain a firm shape whilst having a lightness suitable for the warmer months. I’ve tried men’s panama hats, but I frequently veered into ‘Man from Del Monte’ territory. I picked up this guy in Fenwicks – a store that I only go in with my Mum. I didn’t expect to find such a corker, but it was everything I’ve ever looked for in a summer hat. It’s wide brim protected my spectral complexion and the manly tailoring had something of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. It was woven out of paper which made it super comfortable and feather light. It […]

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

As much as I adore my beloved London, escaping the brutal concrete landscape for a couple of weeks is a welcome relief. Being in proximity to this lush wall of bourganvillea in Turkey had me as delighted as a child with a birthday cake. Every time we walked back from the beach I insisted on taking the scenic route so we could pass this bank of cheering fuschia. As a rule, I don’t tend to match my clothes to my surroundings – most of the time I stick out like a Christmas tree at a tea party.  However, the pink in this vintage 60s’ Aztec print shift dress complements the flowers nicely. I walked by the bank of bourganvilleas several times in this dress, basking in the brief calm that comes from being in harmony with one’s surroundings.

Summer Lovin’

I’ve just come back from a holiday to Turkey which was sweltering and beautiful. Vacation dressing is a different proposition to city style, there are clothes that I’ve had for years that I revisit every summer because they work on holiday. This Halston Heritage dress is an old favourite that I’ve had for years. I’d never wear it at home – it doesn’t have the requisite edge that I like for my London wardrobe. However, the slippery jersey doesn’t crease in my suitcase and Studio 54 glamour is just the ticket for a balmy evening abroad.