Feeling Blue

There is a curious seasonal displacement that comes from working in fashion. I find myself continually fixated on the next season and not wanting to wear clothes appropriate for the climate. However there are some trends that work all year round. Cobalt blue was all over the A/W14 collections, it looks great with knitwear but it’s also the business worn in the sun. I’ll be wearing cobalt with orange and black, however it goes nicely well with neutrals. Feature image courtesy of wallpapersfreedesktop.com  

Wedding Crashers

Dressing for a wedding is a delicate balance, if your outfit is too ostentatious you look like you are trying to upstage the Bride – never was there a more shameful sartorial faux pas. Dress too scruffy and you fail to show due reverence for the couple’s big day. These tight perimeters tend to narrow down the choices, which leads me to another perilous pitfall of wedding guest dressing…showing up in the same outfit as someone else. Heaven forfend. The key to good guest outfits is to choose something reasonably safe; don’t show too much flesh and don’t go too flashy. Once you’ve got the foundation of your look sorted, then you can add quirky accessories and interesting details.   Feature image courtesy of desktop.freewallpaper4.me

How to shop the January Sales

It’s common knowledge that practice makes perfect; alas, I haven’t applied this mantra to learning an instrument, a language, knitting or any other worthy activity. Instead I’ve spent more years than I care to remember perfecting the art of shopping but this doesn’t mean that I’ve bought a huge amount of expensive designer clothes. I’ve honed the art of bargain hunting, I’m a skilled sale shopper and an Ebay Jedi –  the fashion force will tell me where the beautiful vintage clothes are at. When it comes to the January sales there are a few rules that I stick to religiously: 1) Only buy things that you actually want and see yourself wearing. This sounds so obvious as to render it a mute point but in my personal styling days I cleared out many an […]