Week by Week

In the early stages of my pregnancy, I knew how far along I was to the day. Months later, I frequently get it wrong. I thought I was 30 weeks gone, but I’ve just checked my calendar and I’ve realised that I’m actually at week 31. This means I have one week less to get stuff done, assuming baby boy rocks up on time. If he’s anything like me, he’ll be late. But I’m not panicking because I’m having a surge of energy and focus and I’m more productive right now than I’ve been in my entire working life. I assume this surge in productivity is just pregnancy hormones doing their thing, but it’s useful nonetheless. I’m still doing my upmost to avoid the scourge of terrible maternity wear. This Lily and Lionel dress is […]

Bumpity Bump

I’m nearly 14 weeks pregnant and I’ve got a little growing bump. I ordered a bunch of pregnancy clothes this week, but I sent most of them back because they were simultaneously too tight and too baggy. There are a few maternity brands that I like, but most of the stuff I’ve seen thus far is rather depressing. This dress is from Lily and Lionel, which is not a maternity brand, but I’ve had my eye on it since before I was pregnant. I think flowing dresses in a bigger size will be the way forward, although I’m still on the lookout for lovely maternity wear.

Big Cats

Leopard print is an enduring classic which is always in style. However, there are some seasons when animal print is more in vogue, and this fall it’s everywhere. I love a bit of leopard, but it can easily look a little Bet Lynch – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As Diana Vreeland once said, too much good taste can be boring. I like to wear it with simple accessories and minimal makeup – just a slash of kitten-flick eyeliner. But I also like it when leopard is mixed with other clashing prints, or bright jewel colours.  

Summer on Sale

Now the weather has finally warmed up, I fancy wearing hyper-romantic clothes. The sales are on and thanks to the soggy summer, there’s loads of good stuff up for grabs. Modern Romance is one of the key trends this season, but it can be tricky to pull off. I like to wear ruffles and floral motifs with minimalist jewellery and tough boots or sandals. This is a sponsored post.

Wild Thing

I keep telling myself  that I don’t need any more pleated skirts, but I couldn’t resist this one from Lily and Lionel, a brand I’ve recently discovered. The quality of the fabric is lovely and it’s very comfortable; it’s the kind of piece I’ll wear all year round. Animal print is an enduring classic that never goes out of style, which is how I justified spending money on yet another pleated skirt. It may be a flimsy excuse, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The cropped top is an old one from Topshop (similar here), the shoes are from Senso and the belt is vintage (similar here).