Tightly Bound

Years ago, I used to dress in skin tight, body-con clothes. My 80s inspired look consisted of short dresses worn with thigh-high, stretch boots, topped off with a shoulder-padded, vintage jacket. When I look back on pictures now I cringe, but I enjoyed it at the time and I didn’t care what anyone had to say. Minus the man-repelling jacket, it was an overtly sexy look. These days, I don’t feel comfortable in super-tight clothes that make me feel restricted and self-conscious. I don’t find that look particularly attractive in others; I like a more understated, subtle expression of sexuality. But I’m not here to judge and if bandaged dresses with super high heels float your boat, go forth with pride. I’ve had my eye on this dress from Topshop Unique since I saw it on the SS16 runway last September. […]

Modern Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe has been appointed the new global ambassador for Max Factor. I’m not sure what I think about Marilyn’s posthumous new job – particularly as the brand is taking credit for the iconic Marilyn ‘look’. This is a dubious claim with little corroborative evidence. The credit for Marilyn’s make-up goes partly to her first agent Emmeline Snively, who suggested she dye her hair platinum blonde, her make-up artist of many years, Whitey Snyder, and Norma Jean herself. However, there are some tricks from Marilyn’s classic look that are still relevant today. Whitey Snyder used to pat a little white powder to the centre of her lips to make them look plump and luscious. I’ve utilised Whitey’s secrets and dabbed Ambient Lighting powder to an orange-red lip. I love sharp, winged eyeliner to complete the classic, retro look. […]


There’s something about Autumn that calls for dark lipstick. Merlot and berry shades feel too heavy for summer but the as the nights draw in and halloween being around the corner, it’s the perfect time for gothic lipstick. I personally like a matt finish – I’ve tried glossy berry shades but I’ve always ended up in a sticky mess with it smeared all over my teeth. Those of you who are less accident prone than I am might have more success with a shiny wine-red. The trick to finding the perfect shade is to contrast the colour with your skin tone – I have yellow tones in my skin so I need cooler shades with blue, pinkish undertones. My current shade is Entourage by Lipstick Queen. If your skin is of a cooler tone […]

The Clash

The wedding season is upon us and it’s time to start planning outfits. I’m of the opinion that dressing well for a wedding is a way of showing reverence for the bride and groom’s big day. However, dressing like you’re trying to upstage the bride is shameful. This lace dress from Self Portrait is perfect for a special occasion. Me being me, I’d happily wear this guy down the pub, but I think pairing it with clashing colours makes it super special and edgy. One might argue that a wedding isn’t the time for sartorial risks, however I think this dress has enough classic refinement to take a few bright and bold accessories. Feature image courtesy of Selfportrait.com

Spring Schadenfreude

There is nothing quite like the delicious schadenfreude of a friend going on holiday to escape England’s blusterous climate, only for the weather to be better here. Ha! This is exactly what happened over the weekend, my friend returned to England from Spain, chillier and wetter than when he went. Indulging in a little spiteful mirth isn’t my prettiest quality, but I’m at peace with my dark side. I think that when character flaws are recognised it makes them easier to manage. Pretending they’re not there makes personality gremlins dangerous, they’re likely to rear their ugly heads at inopportune moments and cause a ruckus. Once seen and saluted, the dark side is easier to control and fence in. I could list all the not-so-nice things about me that I’m ok with, but I’ll save that […]