A Big Cover Up

Throughout my teenage years I had exactly 9 spots. They were usually around the side of my nose and they’d show up once a year. In what feels like a cruel hormonal twist of fate, I get way more spots as an adult than I did back then. I’ve learnt to cover them pretty effectively with foundation and concealer. The key is to apply a very thin layer of foundation to even out the general tone of the skin and then attack any blemishes with clever concealing. All concealers are not created equal and it’s taken me a fair amount of trial and error to ferret out the best products. One of the most overrated concealers, in my opinion, is Touche Éclat by YSL. It’s often used under the eyes to cover up […]

Charlotte Tilbury’s Cleopatra

I’m always keen to try new beauty products and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow, Eyes to Mesmerise. I went for a the beautiful peacock green shade, Cleopatra. It’s a stunning colour but this is not one of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury products. This isn’t to say that it’s not a good eyeshadow, it goes on smoothly and if you want to achieve a gentle wash of colour it’s great. I was looking to build up a strong statement look and it goes streaky if you put on too much. After a lot of blending I achieved the desired effect. It’s has a slightly wet, gel like texture, rather than the creamier, firmer consistency of Illision D’Ombre by Chanel or Cream Crush by Kiko.  If it […]

Beauty Blush

In the last few years I’ve become a beauty junky; I’m always on the lookout for the next hot product. Clarins Instant Concealer is a recent find and it’s brilliant for disguising the murky shadows under my eyes. Right now I’m hankering after a radiant cream blush to add some dewy colour to my sallow, winter ravaged skin. Here are some of the my favourites on the market right now.  

January Blues Makeup

January sucks. No matter how I try to put a positive spin on the first month of the year, it’s inevitably rubbish. Rather than shoehorning myself into a fake good mood, I’ve decided to embrace January and wallow in the wistful melancholy of winter. I’m hauled up at home, working from my kitchen table and listening to poignant country songs. I’m a fan of First Aid Kit and this version of Emmylou is one of my favourites. They’re playing in London at the end of the month. Despite my self-indulgent, Country-Western inspired sorrow, I find doing my make-up cheering. I’ve gone for gold and bronze tones to lift my vampire skin and a feline flick to match my guest star, Cleo the kitten. Here’s the list of products I’ve used: Nars Sheer Glow […]

Musical Makeup

When I put my makeup on I always listen to music and end up singing at full belt. It’s a little disconcerting for whoever happens to be in the house – I’m a one-person gospel choir. I love this track by Ray Charles because it reminds me of my best friend. I’ve done a super simple look that only uses four products and is in three simple steps. To make it even more user friendly, I’ve only used . I used Chanel Vitalumière-Aqua which is easy to build a smooth, light coverage. I applied a thin layer and then gone back in around my eyes and nose and used it as a concealer. I lined my lips with Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat in Pink Venus. I love all Charlotte Tilbury products and this lipstick from […]

The Skin I live in

Since my early 20’s I’ve been prone to regular outbreaks of angry red spots. The insidious pustules bloomed across my cheeks and forehead at times of stress or as a penance for partying into the wee small hours. Said stress was often relieved by nocturnal merry-making, which in turn was followed with hangovers and more stress. The cycle of flawed coping mechanisms and bad skin trundled on uninterrupted. However, with the passage of time I’ve curbed my wild ways. Rather than spending my evenings knocking back gin, I while away my days drinking litre upon litre of water and kale smoothies. I am not smug about my new status as a boring old fart. I may not being raising hell on the streets of Soho anymore, but I’ve transferred my flawed coping mechanisms to other, less liver corroding habits.  And yet, the wretched spots clung to my […]

Hello Dolly

In recent months, ‘no makeup’ selfies have sprouted up all over the internet, their purpose is to raise awareness of breast cancer. Cancer Research received £2 million pounds in 48 hours last month according to the Independent.  Since this flood of bare faces online, I’ve seen lots of messages from men, declaring that we women look far better without our makeup – ‘Natural beauty is best!’, ‘You look beautiful without it!’, ‘Don’t put all that slap on your face on our account!’. Although it’s lovely that men prefer a more natural face, I’m sorry to say that ‘no makeup’ selfies (in most cases, not all) are artfully posed with optimum flattering lighting, carefully orchestrated to douse the skin with the prettiest possible glow. Then there’s the addition of a flaw reducing filter which can […]

Charlotte Tilbury: from Youtube to Yourface

I’m a champion procrastinator, I’ve whiled away many an unproductive but happy hour watching videos on YouTube and browsing for vintage clothes on eBay. My favourite videos on Youtube either involve Honey Badgers, full grown men re-creating the conversations of a two-year-old or makeup tutorials.  The plethora of makeup tutorials on YouTube are somewhat hit and miss, however there are some that provide indispensable advice from veteran makeup artists who’ve honed their craft after years of working in the industry. In my opinion, the best ones are by Pixiwoo, Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury. The proliferation of  YouTube tutorials have fundamentally changed the way makeup brands market their products. No longer can brands rely on glossy adverts and pretty packaging to tempt customers to part with their hard earned cash – women want to see the products […]