Nearly There

I haven’t blogged for over two weeks which is unusual for me. I was completely exhausted last week, not that being tired has ever stopped me in the past. But I’ve noticed pregnancy fatigue is different from anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s a profound weariness combined with feeling very heavy and weighed down. I’m six weeks away from my due date and I’m really looking forward to pregnancy being over. I’m not only looking forward to meeting our baby, but having my body to myself again. I can’t wait to be able to exercise normally, although I understand that it may take a little time to get to that point. As the weather warms up, I’m even less inclined to wear body-con maternity wear which seems to be de rigueur. I picked up this frock from Mango, which is […]

Skirting Around

It’s very gratifying when my talented friends achieve the success they deserve. I’ve featured Teatum Jones on my blog dozens of times and every season, they go from strength to strength. After winning the Woolmark Prize earlier this year, Catherine and Rob’s career trajectory is on a steep incline. This skirt is from AW16 – my favourite collection so far. It has the classic elegance of Christian Dior’s New Look, combined with the exquisite textiles and modernity that’s associated with Teatum Jones. It’s also one of a kind, which makes me very happy. I’ve styled the skirt with an old blouse from Mango and heels by Whistles (similar here and here).

Gothic Summer

I don’t tend to wear a lot of black, mostly because of my vampiric complexion. When my hair was long and very dark, I had to be circumspect when wearing dark colours as I can inadvertently stray into Morticia Addams territory. Nonetheless, I’m quite fond of a goth inspired look, in the Autumn I like to wear dark lipstick with a slash of inky-black eyeliner. I also think it’s prudent to choose clothes that work all year round. In London, we’re at the mercy of constantly changing weather and it’s useful to have pieces that go just as well with boots and jackets as they do with sandals. This dress from Mango (similar here) satisfies my gothic tendencies and it’s comfortable enough for summer in the city. When autumn arrives I’ll wear it with a faux fur […]

The Leg Blues

My legs have a natural tendency to be hulking swathes of muscle. My She Hulk-quads could crack coconuts and my calves are like powerful flesh bricks, skulking behind my shins. I used to hate my strong legs, I longed for the slender, delicate limbs of the models that looked back at me from the pages of magazines. I dieted, exercised and obsessed over achieving my ideal figure. I got slimmer, but my muscly legs remained – if anything they became more defined and akin to a Marvel character. As the years have passed I’ve accepted that I’m always going to be more Super Hero than Super Model. There’s nothing I can do to change it (short of starving myself, never good) and obsessing over something immovable as hardened muscle is a waste of […]