That’s a Wrap

I’m incurably scatty – to organise my daily personal admin is a Herculean effort. I usually skid above the chaotic detritus of my life, just about keeping my head above the bedlam. However, if there’s one area where I’m on the money it’s pre-season planning. Capes and wrap coats will be everywhere this fall and I’ve already scored a couple of killer bargains on Ebay. One of my favourites of the season was by Valentino – slate grey and embellished with iridescent butterflies that appeared to be briefly resting upon the billowing cashmere before they took flight. Alas, I don’t think I’ll find a Valentino equivalent on Ebay, but I’ve struck gold with a vintage tweed cape that’s not a million miles away from the Saint Laurent that will fit the bill nicely. This trend comes in […]

Taste the rainbow

I’m in love with bright colours, ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved to dress like a set of crayons. Sometimes I veer dangerously close to clown territory, but it’s a price I’m prepared to pay. There’s a palpable mood lift that comes from wearing beautiful shades – I know that if I’m feeling rubbish, wearing beautiful hues lifts me out of my funk. The A/W14 collections were aglow – from the biggest design houses to fashion’s up-and-comers, everyone indulged in glorious colour. One of my favourites was the Dior show, Raf Simons set clashing colours against each other to dazzling effect.   Feature image courtesy of

Blood Orange

One of the big beauty trends for spring summer this year is orange lipstick, which I’m somewhat obsessed with. Orange lips were all over the runways; from Prabal Gurung to Dolce and Gabbana, the makeup artists were working an orange lip. I dutifully trundled down to Mac to pick up an orange shade but proper orange shades, such as Morange or Saigon Summer, make me look jaundiced. Instead I plumped for So Chaud, which is more of a tomato orange. The pictures, however, have come out looking very red indeed so it rather renders this post null and void. I promise that, in the flesh, this is more of an orange shade but I think it’s important to modify trends so that they work for you anyway. There’s no point in wearing something […]

New York Fashion Week Faves

New York fashion week is in full swing and I’ve been obsessing over NY’s  latest runway offerings. I’ll probably be updating my blog more frequently in my excitement to gush about my favourite collections with unembarrassed enthusiasm. Calla Haynes created a whimsical print based on her little Chow Chow, Lily Bear. The motif ran throughout the collection and was contrasted with heavy duty tartan and distressed cowboy boots. I love the clash of perky prints and cosy blanket fabric . Nepalese Prabal Gurung’s collection was directly influenced by his last trip home and a visit to the remote Himalayan kingdom of Mustang. The vibrant reds, saffron shades and luxuriant draping was inspired by the serene Buddhist monks of his mother country. In stark contrast to the collection’s peaceful genesis, the show was interrupted by […]

Man up

There’s a common misconception about the fashion industry, it’s often viewed as a dictatorship that we all should slavishly follow – I would emphatically argue that this is not the case. Fashion is there to provide inspiration about how the express ourselves through our clothes, trends are not a tyrannical set of rules that must be abided by on pain of social exclusion. In fact doltishly following trends doesn’t equate to great style and spending a huge amount of money every season on trendy clothes does not guarantee a great look, often quite the opposite. What is misunderstood about fashion is that a collection is the visual manifestation of the designer’s imagination, it’s there to enjoy and be inspired by. If you go to a Damien Hirst exhibition does it mean that you […]