Roksanda SS17: Flow and Ebb

Roksanda Ilincic is renowned for her use of vibrant colour and inventive tailoring. SS17 was a departure from the architectural shapes of the past, with billowing swathes of fabric marking a new direction for the Serbian born designer. The colour palette was muted, but still dynamic; Ilincic combined rusty red, ochre, blush pink, copper, sunflower yellow and purple to dazzling effect. Inventive sleeves have long been Roksanda’s calling card and this season was no exception. Beautifully draped from the shoulders, the sleeves were contemporary, yet also harkened back to the poets of the Romantic movement. The models were accompanied by a recording of pianist Lubomyr Melnyk, known for his ability to play “continuous music”. The undulating, flowing piano perfectly complimented the movement of the diaphanous clothes. Ilinicic has a gift for creating pieces that make a statement, but are still feminine and wearable. Although […]

Roksanda SS16: Viewed from Above

I often take photos at London fashion week from a rather curious angle, I’ll find myself crouching on the floor or jostling with photographers for a decent view. At the Roksanda SS16 show, I was in the gallery looking down. I was worried that I wouldn’t get the shots I needed, however my high vantage point allowed me to see the clothes in flowing motion, while they swirled around the long limbs of the models. Roksanda Ilincic’s signature look is all about bold colours and contemporary textures housed within elegant, feminine tailoring. This season was no exception, although Ilincic took a lighter, less blocky approach to spring/summer. My favourite pieces were the diaphanous slip dresses adorned with fluffy, oversized shoulder embellishments that felt fresh and easy. The sculptural flared sleeves added volume and drama […]

Block Party

I’m developing an addiction to prom skirts, I can’t quite get enough of their swishy-swooshy charms. A fit-and-flare skirt is a fail safe for my body type but I may need to restrain myself the next time ASOS issue this bad boy in another colour. I’ve gone for a Brigitte Bardot style top and a vintage broach to complement the 50’s silhouette. The block colours and sculptural shapes are a direct reference to Roksanda Ilincic, whose collections I adore. q~