The Hidden: Georgia Hardinge AW16

There are certain cliched phrases that I try to avoid, primarily because they make me shudder. However, ‘classic with a twist’ often comes to mind during Fashion Week. Although I find the expression is loathsome, it succinctly epitomises the work of some rather brilliant designers. Georgia Hardinge has always balanced wearable clothes with conceptual originality. Her AW16 collection, entitled ‘The Hidden’, was inspired by last year’s meteor showers. On first glance, one might not have noticed the galactic theme in this paired back, sporty collection. But with every step the models took, the shimmering stars nestled in amongst the pleats and subtle sculptural details came to light. Colours of the night sky were represented by shades of inky black, midnight navy, cobalt and magenta. Clever pleats and meticulous tailoring make Georgia’s clothes as desirable as they are interesting. To classify such a […]

The Sculptress: Georgia Hardinge

I often experience deep seated existential angst; this applies to many areas of my life but particularly with regards to my work. Who am I useful to? What purpose do I serve? What on earth is the point? I don’t ask these questions in hope of receiving ego affirming comments; my insecurities are so deeply entrenched that no amount of thumbs ups or smiley faces would touch the sides of my tortured psyche. However, I’ve recently come to realise that if there’s one useful purpose of the fashion blogger, it is to tell the story of the designer. Without being shackled to the agenda of a magazine or parent publishing company, the blogger is free to review collections and designers with impunity. A story that I’ve been longing to tell for a while […]