Lady Di

I’ve realised that my maternity style icon is Princess Diana, circa 1982. I’m not usually inspired by Royal style but smock dresses, ruffles and pussy bows make sense to me right now. This dress is from my favourite Danish brand, Ganni. Once again, it’s not designed for maternity, but it’s comfortable and should see me through the next few months. I’ll also be able to wear it after the baby comes in May, which is another win. The key to making a pregnant Lady Di vibe contemporary, is to ground floaty dresses with tailored coats and heavy boots. Most maternity wear is so not my style, I’m glad I’ve been able to find stuff that I feel good in. I’ve worn it with an old coat from Self-Portrait (similar here and here) and ankle boots by […]

The Basic Self

I’ve been a fan of Self-Portrait since its launch in 2013; in three short years the label’s popularity has grown exponentially. Self-Portrait is now stocked at Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, Matches and ASOS, to name but a few. I’ve heard women who like Self-Portrait branded as ‘basic bitches’ by other people who work in fashion; I take umbrage with this assertion. ‘Basic bitch’ is a pejorative, sexist term which describes a female conformist who loves all things bland, including Ugg Boots, Taylor Swift and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The ‘basic bitch’ is a girl who is dismissed and objectified because of her taste for the popular and generic. It’s an insidious phrase which has slipped in through the back door and become a part of contemporary lingo. Although it’s often used in light hearted banter, ‘basic’ is a horrible expression and should fall into obsolescence. It’s also dripping in unintentional irony, as […]

Cold Shoulder

Some trends hang around for more than one season and this spring, the off-the-shoulder trend is still going strong. This time round, OTS tops have bold details, such as cascading ruffles at the sleeve or loud stripes. It can be a tricky look to pull off, especially for those with a generous bust or broad shoulders. I have the latter, but I think it works nicely tucked into a flared skirt to emphasise a small waist. Styling it this way has a vintage inspired Bridgette Bardot feel, which I like very much. Here are some of the best OTS tops around right now.   Feature image Ellery SS16, courtesy of

Self Portrait and Karen Millen: Forever Pieces

I’ve been a fan of Self Portrait since its launch in 2013. The elaborate lace dresses (see here, here and here) are perfect for a wedding or cocktails and have gained a lot of well earned press coverage. But I think it’s the outerwear that deserves a place in the spotlight. This coat is from Self Portrait’s AW15 collection and I love it. It’s not quite as edgy as the other jackets I have by SP, but it’s beautifully tailored and the ideal length for me – the kind of investment piece I’ll wear again and again. I’ve paired it with this smashing dress from Karen Millen, a high street brand that I’ve recently become re-enamoured with. Their current offering is really rather good. To counterbalance the classic chicness of the camel coat, I’ve styled the look […]

Blue Spring

Perhaps I’m a little optimistic, but I detect a whisper of spring is in the air. The bulbs in our garden are starting to poke through the frozen soil and daylight is stretching out into the evenings. Patience has never been a virtue of mine and I’m ready to shed the winter layers and get involved with the new season. This dress from Self-Portrait has me chomping at the bit for warm weather. It has everything going for it; the lace panels, the preppy collar and the flirty skirt are ticking all the boxes. Me being me, I’ll wear this guy down the pub, but it’s perfect for a  wedding or summer party.

Self Discovery

I waste a colossal amount of time browsing the internet for new fashion brands. When I find one I like, I’ll obsess over every collection and spend precious time pouring over each piece, analysing details with a fine toothed comb. I know it’s quite sad and I should be focusing my energy on more fruitful endeavors. However, Self Portrait is a brand that I can’t tear my eyes away from. I’ve been banging on about Self Portrait since its first collection; the heady mix of feminine charm with edgy details fan the flames of my infatuation. I’m particularly enamoured with the lace dresses with generous, full skirts from the SS15 collection.

The Portrait in the Attic

I’ve been a fan of Self Portrait since it’s genesis last year. The collections are bold, edgy but with a feminine spin that makes them flattering and wearable. I’ve invested in a few pieces from the brand, they pack a serious designer punch at a more affordable price. I’ll be turning to Self Portrait for an original take on christmas party dressing, a jumpsuit or a full skirted dress will stand out a mile from the generic, sequined frocks.

The cat of Joy

There are occasions when I don’t want to have my photo taken. I am prone to episodes of cantankerous fury, that will bend my face into a grumpy grimace. My occasional sourpuss does not made a good photo so I have to try to hide my crosspatch mood behind a fake smile. This shoot was on one such day when I was in a filthy humour and I struggled to contort my face into something resembling a jolly grin; all I could manage was a twisted sneer. That was until an unexpected guest star padded onto the scene. A friendly and very pretty little cat ambled up to me in hopes of some attention and a scratch under the chin. My new feline friend cheered me up and saved today’s post. My outfit is by from the new collection by Self Portrait. I don’t […]

Black and Blue

There is a well established school of thought that black and navy should never be worn together. It is an erroneous and arbitrary paradigm that scuppers many a potentially chic look. I’m ready to start wearing darker, more subdued colours in preparation for a refined autumn. This is rather reserved compared to my usual lurid fare, however it’s nice to indulge in a transeasonal palette cleanser. There are certain brands that I find myself circling back to time and time again. I would like to break out of my tried and tested habits but there are some retailers that just work for me. Whistles is one of them – this skirt is from their A/W14 collection and I picked up this top in the summer sale. My jacket is by Self Portrait, another label that I […]

Self Portrait A/W14

Self Portrait is a brand whose collections I obsess about. The alluring combination of feminine fabrics and sporty tailoring make for compulsive coveting. This season is no different and SP’s status as threads for cool girls is set in stone. Despite the mid-range price point, SP punches way above its weight with designer details and luxe fabrics. My favourite pieces are the black and white zig-zag coordinating skirt and bomber jacket, which have a pleasing Proenza Schouler vibe. Previously exclusively available online, Self Portrait is debuting in Selfridges tonight, the launch party is in store from 7.