A Big Cover Up

Throughout my teenage years I had exactly 9 spots. They were usually around the side of my nose and they’d show up once a year. In what feels like a cruel hormonal twist of fate, I get way more spots as an adult than I did back then. I’ve learnt to cover them pretty effectively with foundation and concealer. The key is to apply a very thin layer of foundation to even out the general tone of the skin and then attack any blemishes with clever concealing. All concealers are not created equal and it’s taken me a fair amount of trial and error to ferret out the best products. One of the most overrated concealers, in my opinion, is Touche Éclat by YSL. It’s often used under the eyes to cover up […]

Ice age

The last time I had a tan was over ten years ago. I was not going to expose my skin to damaging UV rays so I did my best to fake it. I never got the hang of tan out of a bottle; whether I applied it myself or went to a professional, the results were the same. I had more orange stripes that a tiger and eventually the streaks flaked and resembled some unfortunate skin disease. I decided to give up on the pursuit of a sunkissed glow and accept my spectral pallor.  However, it’s only when I saw these pictures that I realised quite how white my sun starved skin has become. Not that it bothers me, I’ve embraced my ghost complexion. As women, we’re always striving to change ourselves – where it be […]