Icky Little Thing

I’ve noticed a worrying trend in fashion marketing recently. Since Miley Cyrus twerked her way through 2013 and Robin Thicke sung the infectiously catchy Blurred Lines, casual misogyny has permeated popular culture. That’s not to say that sexism wasn’t around long before Thicke and Cyrus, however the representation of female sexuality has become ugly and aggressive. Take this advert for Pretty Little Thing, an online retailer aimed at women in their late teens to early 20s. The model writhing around to pugnacious rap in skimpy outfits is one thing, but the smug voice over at the end captions the obvious – this young woman is a ‘thing’. There are, unfortunately, many examples of women being objectified in fashion advertising, however this takes it a new level. What is worrying is that this is clearly aimed at very […]

The Shape of Beauty

I  have a career where I wear many hats.  Whether I’m in actress, writer, producer or stylist mode, I have to get my brain into the appropriate headspace. Alas, these hats are metaphorical as apposed to actual – my headwear collection would rather more impressive otherwise. Having been on both sides of the camera I’ve come to understand a great deal about body issues. A few years back I was booked for a TV commercial for a high profile beauty brand. I was dead chuffed to have been chosen from the dozens of hopefuls; I strolled into the fitting session brimming with confidence. After about an hour of with wardrobe, 15 folks from the ad agency and the director ambled in and sat around critiquing my looks as though I wasn’t there. One […]