The Hidden: Georgia Hardinge AW16

There are certain cliched phrases that I try to avoid, primarily because they make me shudder. However, ‘classic with a twist’ often comes to mind during Fashion Week. Although I find the expression is loathsome, it succinctly epitomises the work of some rather brilliant designers. Georgia Hardinge has always balanced wearable clothes with conceptual originality. Her AW16 collection, entitled ‘The Hidden’, was inspired by last year’s meteor showers. On first glance, one might not have noticed the galactic theme in this paired back, sporty collection. But with every step the models took, the shimmering stars nestled in amongst the pleats and subtle sculptural details came to light. Colours of the night sky were represented by shades of inky black, midnight navy, cobalt and magenta. Clever pleats and meticulous tailoring make Georgia’s clothes as desirable as they are interesting. To classify such a […]

Casual Monday

I’m not very good at dressing casually, I rarely wear jeans and tend to avoid clothes that are too functional. I figure that life is too short to be boring. To up the casual nonchalance of a look I’ll add flats or a sporty jacket. This vintage lilac number is a little gem that I scored on Ebay; its pretty pastel hue appeals to my love of sugared almond colours. This skirt is another vintage find from Bustown Modern, one of my favourite online boutiques.

The stumbling giant

I’m sometimes described by my friends as a giantess, frankly I can see where they’re coming from. I’m five foot nine, which hardly qualifies me as an actual giant, however in heels I’m well over six foot and my floundering clumsiness makes me appear larger than I am. People have to clear a wide path to stay on the periphery of the destruction that I inadvertently cause.  Briefly putting my bumbling incoordination aside, I usually avoid short dresses and skirts because they’re usually cut for a more petit woman and come up to my ribs, but also because I can’t be trusted not to topple over and expose myself. However, this little gem by Finders Keepers from Rtister might just be an exception to my short dress embargo; its asymmetric hem provides a little flattering coverage, but more […]