Summer of love

To commemorate the momentous ruling in the US to legalise same-sex marriage, my outfit posts this week will be of a rainbow hue. I found this little 80s vintage treat hiding out in my closet ( tired old pun intended). It’s tempting to write an obvious piece extolling the virtues of equal opportunities amongst couples of all sexual orientations. However, there’s nothing that I can add to the subject that hasn’t already been said. Obviously, all consenting adults should marry whomever they love, to suggest otherwise is absurd. I’m delighted that the world is finally seeing sense and we are, hopefully, at the dawn of a new age of tolerance and wisdom. My shoes are by Sophia Webster and my necklace is by my new favourite jewellery brand, Fred Loves Ginger.

Step and Repeat

I’ve been banging on about the 70’s trend for an age and I’m getting bored of myself. However, the look is set to continue way into the fall and I’ve no intention of dispensing with my vintage diaphanous gowns or bell sleeved tops – so I guess I’ll keep writing about the 70’s in perpetuity. I’m attracted to the softness of the decade; wide legged trousers, billowing skirts, generous lapels and sumptuous fabrics classic, visceral appeal. It’s a welcome counter-balance to brutal, clean lined modernity. This dress is from the ecologically sound brand Reformation,, do an excellent range of 70’s inspired clothes. These boots are from Topshop; I’m always looking for amazing thigh high boots and I’m rather pleased with these tan lovelies. The shawl is an Ebay find and is very useful for throwing over a flowing […]

The Perfect Hat

For many years I have been on the lookout for the perfect summer hat. I don’t have time for a floppy brimmed disaster that will obscure my vision and get on my nerves. I want it to maintain a firm shape whilst having a lightness suitable for the warmer months. I’ve tried men’s panama hats, but I frequently veered into ‘Man from Del Monte’ territory. I picked up this guy in Fenwicks – a store that I only go in with my Mum. I didn’t expect to find such a corker, but it was everything I’ve ever looked for in a summer hat. It’s wide brim protected my spectral complexion and the manly tailoring had something of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. It was woven out of paper which made it super comfortable and feather light. It […]

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

As much as I adore my beloved London, escaping the brutal concrete landscape for a couple of weeks is a welcome relief. Being in proximity to this lush wall of bourganvillea in Turkey had me as delighted as a child with a birthday cake. Every time we walked back from the beach I insisted on taking the scenic route so we could pass this bank of cheering fuschia. As a rule, I don’t tend to match my clothes to my surroundings – most of the time I stick out like a Christmas tree at a tea party.  However, the pink in this vintage 60s’ Aztec print shift dress complements the flowers nicely. I walked by the bank of bourganvilleas several times in this dress, basking in the brief calm that comes from being in harmony with one’s surroundings.

This old thing?

I cleared out my wardrobe last week and unearthed an irksome pile of neglected and unloved clothes. I had put off having a sort-through, partly out of sheer laziness but also because of the mortifying dunghill of sartorial clangers, that peeked out at me with impish malevolence , every time I opened my closet. Whilst dredging the quagmire of fashion shame I found a few little gems that I had forgotten about. This 70s’ vintage dress is an old favourite; the vivid print is still relevant and is easy-breezy for a hot summer day in London.

Wedding Crashers

Dressing for a wedding is a tricky balancing act. I’m all for dressing to make an impact, however it’s always essential that thunder is not stolen from the happy couple. Appearing to upstage the bride is a sartorial shame fest, but nonetheless it’s important to make the appropriate effort. To rock up looking scruffy and unkempt is to fail to show deference to the couple’s special day. I bought this dress by Halston Heritage from The Outnet to wear to my friend’s wedding where I’m to be a bridesmaid. My friend asked that all the bridal party wear navy, but other than that we have free rein as to what we choose. I went for this pleated number as I think it’s special enough whilst still being modest. I picked up a velvet vintage duster from Etsy […]

Feeling Blue

There is a curious seasonal displacement that comes from working in fashion. I find myself continually fixated on the next season and not wanting to wear clothes appropriate for the climate. However there are some trends that work all year round. Cobalt blue was all over the A/W14 collections, it looks great with knitwear but it’s also the business worn in the sun. I’ll be wearing cobalt with orange and black, however it goes nicely well with neutrals. Feature image courtesy of  

Blimey Aphrodite

This dress is by Diane Von Furstenberg, I snapped it up at a sale in a local boutique at 70% off. DVF isn’t usually a label I wear, but the fluorescent coral colour and dramatic grecian panelling is right up my street. It also has a 70’s Studio 54 vibe for which I have a weakness. In order to avoid straying into Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars circa 2003 territory, I’ve paired this dress with fugly sandals from ASOS (similar here) and a dragonfly iridescent clutch by Miista. I belted the under-layer to create a feminine shape.

Maxi Taxi

Maxi dresses are a summer staple that are as ubiquitous with warm weather as Pimms and barbeques. As with any trend that gains mass popularity, they can veer into naff territory. Too many ruffles or saccharin colours can leave a long frock looking limp. As I have a predilection for vintage clothes I tend to wear maxi dresses all year round. However, the ethereal charms of a diaphanous maxi dress is best in the summer months. Here are a few of my favourites that are out right now.  

Kimono Joe

Many of my sartorial choices air on the side of eccentric. When I was a little girl my parents indulged my quirky tendencies by letting me wear whatever I wanted. One of my favourite looks was a tutu, a croupier’s visor, and an 80’s slogan t-shirt and a pair of wellington boots. I was three years old and this was the outfit I choose to wear to a birthday party. Another look I rocked was a victorian style petticoat paired with a fireman’s helmet. My creative grandparents were responsible for making my brother and I an array of costumes. Clothes created for play time became my everyday staples. I was lucky to grow up in a family where self expression was encouraged. Today’s look verges on the fancy dress, but that’s why I love it. I’ve been […]