Forgotten Gems

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I sometimes forget what I have in my wardrobe. I need to have a clear out so that I can see the pieces I already own. I found this Teatum Jones SS15 dress lurking at the back of my closet; I’d forgotten how much I love it. I like the combination of couture details, such as the boning around at the hips, with the easy-going fabric. I’ll be setting up an Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks and there’ll be lots of bargains up for grabs. I’ll keep everyone posted on this blog and on my social media platforms.

Sent Packing

I struggle to travel light; packing well is a fine art that I have yet to master. Every time I travel I approach the check in desk with trepidation as I’ve usually gone over the luggage weight allowance. I try to limit myself to the essentials, but I can never quite manage it due to my fear of being caught short. What if there’s a sudden cold spell and I need a cardigan? What if there’s a sudden worldwide shortage of sun block and I get burned? Of course, I know my fears are ludicrous but I can’t rid myself of my neurotic tendencies and I usually jettison some of the excess into my husband’s case, which he accepts with patient grace. This summer’s trip to Greece was no exception. This vintage dress is perfect for holidays as it’s light and doesn’t […]

Greek Odyssey

Last week I was on holiday in Halkidiki in Greece, we stayed at the lovely Danai Resort. The temperature was pushing 40°C, so any fashion choices had to be easy breezy. This dress from The Reformation was perfect, the print feels quintessentially Greek, and the fabric is light as air.

Rainbow Bright

To continue my rainbow themed outfit posts this week, I’ve dug out an old favourite. I bought this dress from Warehouse, years ago when I was with my best friend. I certainly need didn’t another frock, but he talked me into getting it – not that I required much persuasion. Whenever I wear this dress I think of all the fun we had together, drinking cocktails, gossiping and laughing long into the night. I’ve styled it with a vintage kimono and gladiator sandals from Topshop.    

Cheap Treasures

I sometimes ask myself why I have such a soft spot for vintage clothes. This isn’t to say that I don’t love designer and high street fare, especially the brilliant Brit designers that I have got to know and love over the past few years. But there’s something about vintage that pulls me back every time. It’s partly because vintage clothes fit me better; historically women had smaller waists, it’s only in recent decades that the average woman is more straight up and down. On the high street, I often find that things are too baggy on the waist and too tight everywhere else. However, there’s something more seductive about vintage that has me clamouring for more. The thrill of finding something unique and exclusive, the satisfaction of unearthing a bargain treasure. I like to […]

Super Furry

Blogging about faux fur during summer may seem perverse, however you can never tell when the British weather will change its mind. Also, I tend to think about my look for next season anyway. There are more fruitful uses of my headspace, however I’ve been obsessed with fashion my whole life, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. This furry bad boy is from Ruby and Ed‘s AW15 collection – its pale colours work well over light outfits on chilly summer days. Come winter, I’ll layer it over a leather jacket and chunky knitwear. The blouse is from The Reformation, and the skirt is an old favourite from Whistles.

Orange is the New Orange

When I was younger I loved accessories; I’d pile on layers of vintage costume jewellery, scarves and top it of with a gregarious hat and oversized sunglasses. With the passing of years, I’ve become more sparing in my use of adornments. Primarily, because I was forever getting the accessories tangled in my hair and stuck in tube doors. But also, I don’t think it’s very chic. Better to let a bright colour or vivid prints do the talking and keep the accessories simple. This locket is from Alex Monroe and the dress is from ASOS.  

The most annoying shoes in the world

The other day I found myself in Zara on Oxford street and I decided to try on a pair of knee high gladiator sandals. Gladiators are one of the key shoe trends this season; they were all over the Chloé, Valentino, Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney collections. Gladiators sandals have been knocking around, in some form or other, every summer for the past decade. However, this season’s glad has grown tall and its straps have snaked all the way up to the knee. This is a challenging look and I wasn’t convinced that it would suit me – I feared my muscly calves would look like two joints of pork, trussed up and ready for the oven. Not a good look. However, I’m always receptive to new things so I’d gave the them a try. It soon became clear that […]

Gothic Summer

I don’t tend to wear a lot of black, mostly because of my vampiric complexion. When my hair was long and very dark, I had to be circumspect when wearing dark colours as I can inadvertently stray into Morticia Addams territory. Nonetheless, I’m quite fond of a goth inspired look, in the Autumn I like to wear dark lipstick with a slash of inky-black eyeliner. I also think it’s prudent to choose clothes that work all year round. In London, we’re at the mercy of constantly changing weather and it’s useful to have pieces that go just as well with boots and jackets as they do with sandals. This dress from Mango (similar here) satisfies my gothic tendencies and it’s comfortable enough for summer in the city. When autumn arrives I’ll wear it with a faux fur […]

Frock On

When I look back on my recent outfit posts, I notice a definite theme. Long, diaphanous frocks with a dose of 70s whimsy are what I’m stuck on. However, a friend of mine reminded me that this has always been my thing. I guess this is my version of a uniform, even if it’s wildly impractical and flamboyant. Perhaps I’ll change track sometime soon, but for the time being I’ll go with what I know. This dress is from ASOS but it’s sold out, there are vaguely similar options here and here. The shoes are by Joanne Stoker.