Vegans in Vogue

Vegans have become a hot topic in the last couple of years. The popularity of ‘clean’, plant based food, promoted by the likes of Ella Woodward, and some high profile vegans including Beyoncé, Natalie Portman and Ellie Goulding, has made the vegan lifestyle trendy. The argument for a diet with no animal products is compelling, however when something becomes fashionable, there’s a danger that it will eventually fall out of favour. I’m not a vegan, but I see the validity of the argument. The fashion industry has a lot of answer for in terms of harming the environment and fur was over the AW16 collections. A staunch advocate of ethical fashion is Stella McCartney who never uses fur, feathers or leather in her clothes. She’s admitted that designing without leather is challenging, but McCartney’s brand has […]

The most annoying shoes in the world

The other day I found myself in Zara on Oxford street and I decided to try on a pair of knee high gladiator sandals. Gladiators are one of the key shoe trends this season; they were all over the Chloé, Valentino, Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney collections. Gladiators sandals have been knocking around, in some form or other, every summer for the past decade. However, this season’s glad has grown tall and its straps have snaked all the way up to the knee. This is a challenging look and I wasn’t convinced that it would suit me – I feared my muscly calves would look like two joints of pork, trussed up and ready for the oven. Not a good look. However, I’m always receptive to new things so I’d gave the them a try. It soon became clear that […]

Coat Season

I’ve been enjoying the indian summer here in London – the sun to still be shining in October is a shot of meteorological prozak. Nonetheless, I’m ready for the brisk chill of Autumn, the smell of bonfires and the leaves morphing to shades of amber, gold and garnet. There’s nothing quite like a cosy coat to celebrate the dawn of Autumn and my favourite style is the oversized cocoon. They were everywhere last season, but this time round the details are more interesting. A broad lapel here, an oversized button there and graceful sloping shoulders make this fall’s crop of coats chic and alluring. There are lots of lovely colours to choose from; I’m currently in the throes of an obsession with pastel shades, particularly lilac. However, there are some stonking primary colours around right now,which will look lovely in autumn […]

Georgia Hardinge: The best designer on the high street

Designer/High Street collaborations have become something of a rite passage for the brands involved. For the designer it’s an acknowledgement that their brand has earned mass appeal that the general public wants to buy into. For the High Street brand  it’s is a way of flexing their fashion muscles, not only displaying the high calibre talent they’ve pulled, but also proving  they have their finger on the zeitgeist’s pulse.  For the shopping public it’s a chance to own clothes by designers whose usual  sky high prices are permanently out of reach. However, oftentimes Designer/High Street collaborations cause a shopping riot that’s not worth the hassle. The recent Isabel Marant for H&M collection sold out in hours and the  store on Kensington High Street had shoppers setting up camping outside the store in freezing temperatures. […]

What’s cool now? Bambi and sweats, obviously…

Over the past few seasons the humble sweatshirt has risen up the sartorial ranks from unloved gym wear to a highly coveted hero piece.  The ascent of the sweatshirt is in direct correlation with the resurrection and re-brand of the label Kenzo.  When Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, who created cult store Opening Ceremony, took over Kenzo they infused the label with youthful, streetwise aesthetic.  One of Kenzo re-brand success stories is without a doubt the now iconic sweatshirt. The top 50 A-Line skirts from @kenzo_paris, @ZARA, @Simone_Rocha_ and more — Grazia UK (@GraziaUK) August 30, 2013 The Kenzo sweatshirt craze started over a year ago, which in fashion terms is positively an epoch. However the sweatshirt has continued to grapple it’s way up the ladder of cool by taking centre stage on […]

Man Up: Winter’s Coats

2013 is the year of the coat. Fact. I know this is somewhat dogmatic statement, however it comes from an informed and considered place.  Never have there been so many, beautiful, chic cover-ups in the high street and designer stores.  This is nothing but good so far as I’m concerned; I hate that point in winter where you’ve worn your favourite coat so much that you feel that you’re wearing the same outfit everyday.  Also in the UK, the weather changes its mind more often than most people change their underwear – so to have few coat choices make a lot of sense.   @AlyssaPR haha I noticed that too! — Kristina Giliberto (@krisgiliberto) August 14, 2013   One of the most dominating looks this season is oversized, mannish and fiercely contemporary.  Designers […]