Holiday Dress

I’ve loved vintage clothes since I was a teenager, when I rummaged through Camden Market on the hunt for second-hand bargains. I bought this 70s dress from Etsy and I love it, but I’ve hardly ever worn it in London as it feels a bit much for the city. It reminds me of a doll-shaped toilet roll cover that one might have bought in a Spanish souvenir shop, 20 years ago. Not that I mind. It’s rare that I pay attention to dressing appropriately, however I think this frock feels more suited to the Sardinian landscape. Saying that, I’m sure I’ll wear it in London again before the summer is out.    

Summer on Sale

Now the weather has finally warmed up, I fancy wearing hyper-romantic clothes. The sales are on and thanks to the soggy summer, there’s loads of good stuff up for grabs. Modern Romance is one of the key trends this season, but it can be tricky to pull off. I like to wear ruffles and floral motifs with minimalist jewellery and tough boots or sandals. This is a sponsored post.

Light and White

I’ve never been one to worry too much about practicality. This dress from Needle and Thread isn’t well suited for the soggy summer we’re currently experiencing, but it’s so lovely that I don’t mind. It comes with a full length slip, but I think it would look nice without the slip and worn over a bikini for a holiday.

Sent Packing

I struggle to travel light; packing well is a fine art that I have yet to master. Every time I travel I approach the check in desk with trepidation as I’ve usually gone over the luggage weight allowance. I try to limit myself to the essentials, but I can never quite manage it due to my fear of being caught short. What if there’s a sudden cold spell and I need a cardigan? What if there’s a sudden worldwide shortage of sun block and I get burned? Of course, I know my fears are ludicrous but I can’t rid myself of my neurotic tendencies and I usually jettison some of the excess into my husband’s case, which he accepts with patient grace. This summer’s trip to Greece was no exception. This vintage dress is perfect for holidays as it’s light and doesn’t […]

Pale and Interesting

I have not had a suntan in over a decade. If memory serves me correctly I tanned rather well, but I didn’t enjoy baking in the rays. I tried the solarium  a couple of times and I hated it – it felt like a coffin on the sun. It became clear that exposure to sunlight, real or manufactured, wasn’t for me. Every summer I smeared fake tan all over my body and my face. When I did it myself I looked grubby and orange. I’m also not a keen on the biscuit smell associated with home tans. I had a few spray tans in a salon. The result was better, but I found it inconvenient, costly and sticky. I heard of a home tan service where a beautician rocks up at your house, pitches a tent and sprays your […]

Casual Tuesday

I have a hard time dressing casually, jeans and t-shirts just aren’t my thing. It’s not that I don’t want to be easygoing; I’m envious of my friends who can throw on an informal outfit and look the business.  Perhaps it’s my insecurity talking, but I always feel rubbish in jeans. A vintage denim skirt is the closest I get to sartorial nonchalance. This skirt is from Peekaboo Vintage, the blouse is from The Reformation and the shoes are by Joanne Stoker. The shorter necklace is from a new jewellery brand that I’m loving right now, Fred Loves Ginger – all their pieces are handwoven from precious beads. This necklace is feather-light, perfect for balmy summer days.  

Summer coats for a chilly spring

Occasionally I experience bouts of extreme crankiness; I’ll stomp around in a dark, irascible cloud, grumpily huffing and puffing my way through the day. I usually snap out of it pretty swiftly and return to my usual, cheerful disposition. Over the past week or so the weather in London has been glorious; clear blue skies and splendid sunshine. However it’s still chilly and I’m struggling to dress in accordance with the climate. Being too hot or too cold provokes a fit of the grumps; which is no fun for me and especially taxing for the poor souls who have to put up with it. I’m all about 70’s vintage right now, but floaty skirts and flimsy peasant blouses are tricky to layer. The answer lies in a summer coat that can be slung over a light outfit and […]

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

As much as I adore my beloved London, escaping the brutal concrete landscape for a couple of weeks is a welcome relief. Being in proximity to this lush wall of bourganvillea in Turkey had me as delighted as a child with a birthday cake. Every time we walked back from the beach I insisted on taking the scenic route so we could pass this bank of cheering fuschia. As a rule, I don’t tend to match my clothes to my surroundings – most of the time I stick out like a Christmas tree at a tea party.  However, the pink in this vintage 60s’ Aztec print shift dress complements the flowers nicely. I walked by the bank of bourganvilleas several times in this dress, basking in the brief calm that comes from being in harmony with one’s surroundings.

Summer Sale Guide

The summer sales are in full swing and it’s very tempting to snap up all manner of frivolous fripperies. However, I would always advise prudent shopping during the discount season. Too many times I’ve gone home with bags of trash that I’ve bought mistaking cheapness for a bargain. It doesn’t matter how much is knocked off the original price, if it’s something that looks tatty and is poor quality, you won’t wear it. It’ll end up lurking around the back of the wardrobe, guiltily not being used and reminding you of the wasted money, until it finally goes to the charity shop. Sale shopping should be the time when you pick up high quality staples that are usually out of reach. It’s better to buy one great piece that will help form the bedrock of your capsule wardrobe. […]

Maxi Taxi

Maxi dresses are a summer staple that are as ubiquitous with warm weather as Pimms and barbeques. As with any trend that gains mass popularity, they can veer into naff territory. Too many ruffles or saccharin colours can leave a long frock looking limp. As I have a predilection for vintage clothes I tend to wear maxi dresses all year round. However, the ethereal charms of a diaphanous maxi dress is best in the summer months. Here are a few of my favourites that are out right now.