An Un-Mumsy Pregnancy

My mission to dress my bump without submitting to maternity wear continues with this blouse by Teatum Jones. I didn’t go to a lot of events at London Fashion Week, primarily because I’m six months pregnant and in no mood to waddle around the shows. Also, I don’t really have enough fashion week appropriate outfits to wear,  but I felt confident in this top from TJ’s SS17 collection. I wore it with a pleated skirt from ASOS, which isn’t from their maternity range, but has a forgiving elasticated waist. I picked up these shoes from Topshop and they are neither practical or mumsy, which may make them an imprudent purchase. But just because I’m pregnant I don’t see why I should surrender my identity. I anticipate being the sort of mum who’ll rock up to the school gates in pink […]

Teatum Jones AW17: Bodies in Motion

We are living in an era when we are on the precipice of great change and we’re yet to discover where the chips may fall. It seems the triggering of Article 50 is imminent, the long term consequences of which are difficult to predict. We devour the news with compulsive veracity, in anticipation of some new calamity committed by the Trump administration. The leaders of the current wave of right-wing populism may shout about the dawn of a brave new world, but much of their poisonous rhetoric belongs in the dark ages. With increasing international uncertainty, it is comforting to know that some things remain constant. Fashion continues to strive forward, creating and innovating, despite our politicians trying to drag us backwards. However, in these turbulent times, it’s not enough just to make pretty clothes. Art should contribute to social and political discourse and Teatum Jones’ latest collection, entitled ‘The […]

It’s not easy being green

At the moment, I like wearing different shades of the same colour. I’ve always been a fan of a pleated skirt, and despite the fact that I have many, I couldn’t resist this olive green one from ASOS. I’ve styled it with my favourite jumper from Teatum Jones‘ AW16 collection; I love the ribbed tailoring, the extra long sleeves and the cut-out details at the elbow.

Skirting Around

It’s very gratifying when my talented friends achieve the success they deserve. I’ve featured Teatum Jones on my blog dozens of times and every season, they go from strength to strength. After winning the Woolmark Prize earlier this year, Catherine and Rob’s career trajectory is on a steep incline. This skirt is from AW16 – my favourite collection so far. It has the classic elegance of Christian Dior’s New Look, combined with the exquisite textiles and modernity that’s associated with Teatum Jones. It’s also one of a kind, which makes me very happy. I’ve styled the skirt with an old blouse from Mango and heels by Whistles (similar here and here).

Forgotten Gems

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I sometimes forget what I have in my wardrobe. I need to have a clear out so that I can see the pieces I already own. I found this Teatum Jones SS15 dress lurking at the back of my closet; I’d forgotten how much I love it. I like the combination of couture details, such as the boning around at the hips, with the easy-going fabric. I’ll be setting up an Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks and there’ll be lots of bargains up for grabs. I’ll keep everyone posted on this blog and on my social media platforms.

Stretch Armstrong

I often get funny looks from people when I walk down the street and I’ve never really understood why. Sure, I often wear bright colours and loud prints, but in the context of some of the flamboyant people who work in the fashion industry, my look is relatively subdued. That being said, I wore this outfit out during the day last week and a couple of boys in grey tracksuits shouted ‘FASHION!’ at me, whilst waving their arms around. I’m not sure if it was meant as a compliment, but I choose to take it as such. The coat is from Teatum Jones AW16 collection and the jumper dress is by Alan Auctor, a designer whom I’ve recently discovered. This is the softest, most comfortable knitwear dress I’ve ever worn. It’s also beautifully tailored, which might sound like […]

Street Life

When I started going to London Fashion Week, I dressed for the benefit of the street style photographers who swarmed around Somerset House. Sometimes my look would get a lot of attention, which gave me a fleeting feeling of validation. But it was a bogus compliment because later the same day, I’d rock up at a different show in the same outfit and the LFW paps ignored me. When I go to fashion week now, I dress for myself and I don’t worry about the endorsement of a bunch of strangers. Sometimes they take my picture, sometimes they don’t. Either way is fine by me. On a side note, I think the street style photographers have a harder time getting their shots, since Fashion Week HQ is in the Brewer Street car park in Soho. The junction between Lexington, Brewer […]

Teatum Jones AW16: When Irish eyes are smiling

Teatum Jones recently won the prestigious Woolmark Prize, which is not only a stamp of approval from the industry, but also provided a $100,000 cash injection. Previous winners have been Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent. As always, Rob Jones and Catherine Teatum’s starting point was a compelling narrative. Their AW16 inspiration was Agnes Morrogh-Bernard, a heroic English nun, who moved to Ireland in the 1890s and established the Foxford Woollen Mills in County Mayo. Morrogh-Bernard helped the local people overcome the crippling famine that had wreaked misery and destitution on their community. AW16 had a sense of venerable textile heritage, with some of the fabrics manufactured at the Foxford Mills, as well as luxury mills in England, Italy and France. The collection was optimistic, with vibrant colours, hyper feminine shapes and amplified geometrics, inspired by ceramic tiles and rural Irish embroidery. It […]

All Brights

I tend to avoid wearing black because I find it depressing; this is a hangover from my time working as a dresser in the West End theatres. People who work backstage are expected to wear all black, which I hated. As soon as the curtain went down, I couldn’t wait to tear off my drab uniform and put on something colourful. A good way to wear bright colours is to choose classic shapes that last beyond one season. This dress is from Teatum Jones‘ SS16 collection, the African inspired print cheers me up no end. I’ve styled it with these exotic heels by Lucy Choi, who creates classic shoes in vivid colours and contrasting materials. Lucy is brilliant at creating beautiful shoes, that work hard for the money and are comfortable. I can stroll around in a pair of Lucy Chois all […]

Spring Jellyfish

I’m becoming impatient for spring, despite the cold reality that winter has at least another six weeks to go. In years gone by, I’d start to dress for the new season when there was February snow on the ground. I’d be freezing but I’d put up with it for the sake of being ahead of the game. Looking back realise what a ridiculous fashion victim I was. However, this pretty pastel jacket by Judy Wu could be layered over a skinny-ribbed knit and a pair of jeans for a pre-season look. Judy is brilliant at taking a classic piece and adding an interesting feature to elevate the look. I love the undulating coral detail across the shoulder, it reminds me of the an etherial jellyfish, drifting through the ocean. I’ve styled the jacket with a camisole by Whistles (similar here), a […]